Jun 24, 2001 7:45 PM

A new study indicates casinos are increasing visitation to Detroit.

The findings, compiled by Michigan State University based on on-site and phone interviews, indicate nearly 20 percent of visitors to Detroit’s three casinos come from beyond Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

Other findings, based on the results of the 9,000 visitors interviewed, show:

More than 72 percent came from Michigan and Ohio. Nearly one-third of those surveyed spent at least one night in metropolitan Detroit. 75 percent have above-average household incomes. 78 percent have no children under 18. 60 percent are married. 68 percent are white. More than 90 percent said they’d likely visit Detroit again, and 87.5 percent said they’d recommend Detroit to others.

Going to a casino was the primary reason for visiting Detroit, the study showed.

Study author Donald Holecek said visitors to Detroit will spend $165.4 million this year inside and outside the casinos. That estimate, he added, is conservative.