The Empire Strikes Back video slots -- win with Yoda

Jul 28, 2009 5:06 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back has 5-reels, 30-lines with a maximum 10x bet, and a MegaJackpot of $1 million if you get five wild Star Wars symbols on line one while playing the maximum bet ($3).

The whole cast of characters from the Lucas film are present, and for each symbol there are 10 different movie clips. The machine itself features a big plastic Yoda and a rotating reel/wheel at the top that is put into play during the two bonus features.

The Jedi Training Bonus is triggered when three Yoda symbols appear on the first three reels of a pay line. A second screen appears displaying Yoda, the pointy-eared creature who is Master of the Force and trainer of the Jedi warriors. You are then prompted to push a spin button and the giant wheel at the top of the machine spins, stopping the pointer between two spots. Yoda then instructs you to pick an object on the screen, the object will determine if the pointer will move to a multiplier or a credit value. If it moves to a multiplier it is added to the multiplier meter and you get to spin the wheel again. The bonus continues until an object displays a credit value, then that value is multiplied by the total of the multipliers you have collected times the number of pay lines the bonus appeared on.

The Cloud City Bonus is a free spin event with a twist. The bonus begins with a Han Solo symbol on the first reel and Princess Leia symbol on the fifth. Free spins continue until Han Solo and Boba Fett symbols land on the reels, at which time the Han Solo symbol expands to cover the whole row and becomes wild. The giant wheel at the top of the machine turns on its side and you spin it to see how many more free spins you will be awarded with the wild row. If the Boba Fett symbol appears again you get to spin the big wheel for additional free spins (up to 100 spins).

I usually play 2x the 30 lines (60¢) but if you have the bank roll it might be a great way to win a million. The bonus rounds pay pretty well, especially the Cloud City bonus, if you get more than one wild Han Solo symbol or are able to retrigger.

I’ve found that this game runs in hitting streaks. If you don’t start hitting soon after you sit down, you might want to consider lowering your bet for five or six spins to make your bank roll last longer. If it isn’t hitting, your money can disappear very quickly.

Quoting Yoda, "Become a hero you must. Win a million you could.

"May the force be with you."