Saratoga remains horse racing gem in Northeast

Jul 28, 2009 5:07 PM
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Best in the east land at race track

Being a horse player, this has always been one of my favorite times of the year with Del Mar and Saratoga opening this Wednesday.

Since putting in the synthetic tracks in California, I and many other horse players have become sour trying to bet on these surfaces.

At least Del Mar has put together some nice fields, even though most have become near impossible to handicap, and if playing the rolling double and pick’s you must have deep pockets in order to put together some big tickets. That leaves me and most of my fellow horse players out.

If you have been betting on Del Mar the first week, you may be wondering what has happened to Garret Gomez.

When Gomez said he was moving back out west and giving up his lucrative deal with top trainer Todd Pletcher, I was scratching my head and saying to myself, why would a jockey, who was at the top of his game, riding the best horses in the country for the leading trainer in the country, give all this up, come out west and ride lesser horses on artificial surfaces?

If you have been watching carefully and taking notes on Garret Gomez’s rides during the first five days of the Del Mar meet as I have, you’re wondering: Who is this guy? It is surely not the same jockey who rode the last two years for Todd Pletcher.

Rather, this is some jockey from New Mexico that has been riding bull rings and is testing the big time for the first time. How is he getting on all these favorites?

It seems like every horse Gomez rode this past week was the chalk; he would usually have them dead last or get in some kind of trouble or come as wide as possible. It actually hurt to watch it but the one good thing was I could eliminate him from all my rolling doubles, pick three and pick four tickets. This I will continue to do until I see him turn things around.

I just don’t know … I could be imagining all of this as I am some kind of conspiracy theorist; we will wait and see. In the meantime, I will shift some of my play to Saratoga starting Wednesday.

This is a storied dirt course with some of the best 2yos in the world, and the best racing you will ever see in a short span. You’ll see the best jockeys and trainers and the most expensive horse flesh running on a normal dirt track. How is this possible? I thought dirt was so dangerous.

If you had a horse worth millions why not pass the dirt at Saratoga and go west young man – what a scam!

Thinking about being scammed, every time I get near Valley View Blvd. coming down Flamingo Rd., it makes me sick to see our tax dollars being squandered with this paving job of around three blocks. It has taken months and months and is still not finished.

They built the Alaskan pipeline in a shorter time and with less money. They could build a bridge across the Ohio River from Steubenville to Weirton in less time for less money; this has become funny but I, for one, am not laughing.

Steubenville Big Red opens its season Aug. 27 as they try to continue their winning streak. With the passing of one of their biggest fans, my uncle Guy Lamantia, who kept me up to date on all the football news, I will have to go right to the top and give a weekly call to Head Coach Reno and keep all those Big Red fans up to date.

Next week we will start our exhibition football selections. There are some early gems that we will take a shot with. Overall, we are looking forward to a very successful football season, both in our paper and here online with all our late selections.

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