Mikohn game gains approval

Jun 25, 2001 12:59 AM

Mikohn Gaming Corp. (Nasdaq-NM: MIKN) last week announced that its MONOPOLY Blackjack Edition game has received regulatory approval in Nevada and Mississippi, with the first table just installed at a North Las Vegas casino.

Developed under exclusive license from Hasbro, Inc., the MONOPOLY Blackjack Edition game is based on Hasbro’s MONOPOLY game, the world’s most popular board game. Combined with the MONOPOLY game’s name recognition and a host of fun interactive bonus features, the new Mikohn offering has met with an enthusiastic response from players and casino managers.

“We believe the MONOPOLY Blackjack Edition game brings a new dimension of fun and excitement to the blackjack table,” commented David J. Thompson, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. “The game attracts players with its bonus feature, tremendous brand recognition and colorful signage. For the casino, it is an easy add-on to stimulate play and differentiate a table.”

According to Thompson, the new MONOPOLOY Blackjack Edition bonus feature is a side wager game that is offered to those players who choose to make an optional additional wager on the blackjack game.

If the player is dealt a blackjack, he or she has the option of choosing either a fixed award on the side wager or playing the MONOPOLY game. In the latter, the player’s token is set in motion around the MONOPOLY Blackjack Edition game board. The player then presses the activator button to “hit the brakes” and land at random on a square.

Each of the familiar squares represents one of the MONOPOLY game’s famous real estate properties, utilities or railroads and has a preset multiplier, which determines the player’s actual bonus on his or her side wager. Landing on a high-bonus square greatly increases the player’s award, but if the token ends up on a Jail square, the participant wins nothing while everyone else receives a bonus of fixed odds.

The product has many exciting features to heighten player interest, such as an animated MONOPOLY board screen, sound effects and custom 3-D animation with a MR. MONOPOLY character, who assists with special announcements. The game animation also uses state-of-the-art technology to represent a locomotive circling the game at high speed with appropriate sound effects.

The first installation is at the Bighorn Casino in North Las Vegas, which introduced the game with promotions, giveaways and advertising. “Our customer is very pleased with the game,” said Thompson, “and we appreciate their support and assistance. With a new game and platform, we wanted the flexibility of a smaller venue for our first installation. Our initial sales effort is just under way, and we are seeing an encouraging response from customers.”

Mikohn is a diversified supplier to the casino gaming industry worldwide, specializing in the development of innovative products with recurring revenue potential. The company develops, manufactures and markets an expanding array of slot games, table games and advanced player tracking and accounting systems for slot machines and table games. Mikohn is also a leader in exciting visual displays and progressive jackpot technology for casinos worldwide. There is a Mikohn product in virtually every casino in the world. For further information, visit the company’s website: www.mikohn,com.