Civility needed between NYRA, Nassau Regional OTB

Jul 28, 2009 5:02 PM
Burnt Offerings by Stan Bergstein |

In speaking of civics, or of civility, which should be part of it, someone in New York had better step in between Charles Hayward, president and CEO of the New York Racing Association which operates Belmont Park, Aqueduct and Saratoga, and a guy named Dino Amoroso, who is president of Nassau Regional Off-Track Betting, before someone gets hurt.

The two entities are fighting over what Hayward says is piracy on the part of Nassau, which took streaming signals of races from NYRA without permission for two and a half months. Amoroso says with a straight face that Nassau OTB was unaware of this, noting that Las Vegas-based Roberts Communications Network handles the signal, as it does for most simulcasting tracks in America, and trying to shift the blame to them. Last week Amoroso called Hayward, who is a pillar in the racing community, "a liar and a thief." We don’t know where Amoroso came from, but in our neck of the woods civilized people, or at least those in public positions, don’t talk that way. Or if they do, it’s at the fourth grade level.

Finally, an incident in Toronto worth reporting. A lottery player stopped by his local supermarket to check his tickets and discovered he had a winning number worth $4.37 million. He went to lottery headquarters and proudly posed holding his check, then walked out of the building into the waiting arms of local gendarmes, who had been looking for him for six years on theft charges. A wag who covered the story wrote that the new millionaire "has no immediate plans for the windfall."

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