Saber's Horse Racing Betting Tips - 08-08-09

Aug 8, 2009 4:30 PM
by Richard Saber |


Race 1

No. 4 Joyful Success could take these wire-to-wire if the first time starters are not fast. There are two first time starters in here that may come out running, No. 6 Lightinin’ UP and No. 7 Lucks Mine. 4-6-7

Race 2

No. 7 One Vote was claimed here on Aug. 1 and is wheeled right back in just seven days, No. 8 One Chin Again takes another try on the grass. 7-8

Key Play

$2 double

1st 4-6-7

2nd 7-8 for $12

Race 3

No. 1 Ale’s Pride just did miss here on July 24 and Santiago sticks, No. 3 Foxy Bailey ran okay here on July 26 and gets her first start off the Hollendorfer claim, No. 5 Stunningly exits our HTW list and looks to be sitting on a winning effort. No. 7 Via Veneto was last seen a year ago right here at Del Mar when breaking her maiden. 1-3-5**-7

Key Play

$4 Q 5 with 1-3-7 for $12

$2 double

2nd 7-8

3rd 1-3-5-7 for $16

Race 4

No. 5 Self Made Man is a live Churchill Downs shipper for Mike Mitchell, No. 6 Vespucci looks to be the lone speed. 5-6

Key Play

$10 Q 5-6 for $10

$2 double

3rd 1-3-5-6

4th 5-6 for $16

Race 5

No. 6 Blame The Wine won here on July 23 and gets a confident boost in class. 6

Key Play

$4 double

4th 5-6

5th 6 for $8

Race 6

No. 3 Free Beer, No. 7 Wink And Nod will both be making late runs while No. 10 Hiho Geronimo will be part of the early pace. 3-7-10

Race 7

No. 2 D C Tapit exits a key race and gets Mike Smith back riding and he almost won with this guy the one time he rode. No. 4 Star Redeemer usually gets a piece but is overdue for a break, No. 5 Notes Prince will show all of his speed today and just may not stop. 2-4-5

Key Play

$2 double

6th 3-7-10

7th 2-4-5 for $18

Race 8

No. 1 Zensational is flat out the only speed in the race and will be very hard to run down, No. 4 Delta Storm is an 8yo win machine with some early speed of his own and he will be shadowing Zen from start to finish. 1-4

Key Play

$10 Q 1-4 for $10

$2 double

7th 2-4-5

8th 1-4 for $12

Race 9

No. 3 Stand Tall exits our HTW list and will fall into a good pace scenario in this mile on the grass. 3

Key Play

$1 pick three

7th 2-4-5

8th 1-4

9th 3 for $6

Race 10

No. 3 Bella Bubbles, No. 4 Rio’sfavoriteone and No. 6 Galaxy Way look like the main contenders. 3-4-6


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