A touch of class for new Reno resort

Jun 26, 2001 10:29 AM

DOWNTOWN GOES ”˜UPTOWN’ IN RENO! Hope springs eternal! Thank goodness for all of us. And when I heard about the ambitious plans of Barney Ng for the new Siena Hotel Spa & Casino I automatically became a rooter.

Ng plans to open the completely renovated Holiday Hotel Casino, which was shuttered in 1998. To do so, he’s going into his kick for $60 million in remodeling. The resort will open for guests July 23, with a grand opening set for July 31. It will feature more than 200 rooms.

"We would like to create a really unique riverfront in Reno that will set it apart from other cities," Ng told Nevada gaming commissioners late last week when he was given approval.

He is converting the ninth floor to 14 suites with butler service.

How do you like that, Reno?

The average room rate will be $150, more than double the average rate in the Reno area.

Ng’s management team will include Donald Kajans as president and CEO and David Williams as COO.

The Siena has been re-themed. It will have a strong flavor of Tuscany, a unique city in Italy. The casino will be situated on two levels. The first floor will have all the bells and whistles of a casino. The second floor will feature games with higher limits.

Ng thinks big. He wants the Siena to become a resort with a four-star rating.

I like that.

Anchor Gaming’s unique player-tracking system is on tap for the new resort.

Good luck, Barney.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE! Joe Brunini, a top casino exec at MGM Grand, celebrated his 40th birthday anniversary at a surprise party hosted by Bill Hornbuckle and the team at the Big Green House.

Joe has a bevy of high rollers who simply wouldn’t miss a birthday party - especially a roast - for their buddy. Customers came calling by the numbers. I hear that in addition to helping Brunini blow out the candles, they weren’t shy about blowing on the cards and dice in the casino, where the cash registers went ka-ching, ka-ching.

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! One could say it took GamingToday 25 years to include a recruitment advertising section in its weekly pages. But, in self-defense, let me explain that in the early years gaming careers were nowhere near as popular as they are today.

So, beginning with the July 17 issue of the newspaper, the GamingCareers section will see the light of day. It will target senior-level executives, managers, supervisors and highly skilled staff members at casinos, hotels, manufacturers, vendors, businesses, government agencies and other organizations involved in the gaming industry in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

A large portion of our readers are gaming management professionals. They turn to GamingToday every week as the authoritative source for current information about the industry. It’s only natural that GamingToday now becomes the gaming industry’s primary source for recruitment advertising.

Like the old song ”¦ Buddy, can you spare a job?

IT STILL WORKS! The lure to win a lumberyard with a toothpick still has its magic.

A case in point came over the weekend when the $141 million California lottery was hit. Las Vegans showed up in big numbers at the state line trying to toss in a toothpick to win a bonanza. The line was three hours long in 102-degree heat. The odds, 1 in 41 million, were no detriment. A single winning ticket was sold at a liquor store in San Jose. At press time, the winner had yet to come forward to collect his lumberyard.