Key job listings highlight GT’s new ‘Careers’ section

Jun 26, 2001 10:31 AM

For a quarter-century, GamingToday has provided the gaming industry with "news before it is news." Now, with the issue of July 17, the newspaper will introduce a recruitment advertising section to make readers aware of key employment opportunities as they become available throughout the industry.

Called "GamingCareers," the section will target senior-level executives, managers, supervisors and skilled staff members at casinos, hotels, manufacturers, vendors, businesses, governmental agencies and other organizations involved in the gaming industry in Las Vegas and around the nation.

"A large portion of our readers are gaming management professionals who look to GamingToday as the authoritative source for current information about the industry," explains founder and publisher Chuck Di Rocco. "It’s only natural that we now become the gaming industry’s primary source for recruitment advertising to better serve the needs of employers and prospective employees alike."

Named recruiting advertising manager was Dana Alessi, a media sales executive with more than two decades of experience. With her experience and her reputation for customer service, Alessi is uniquely positioned to offer assistance in fashioning effective ads.

"Our weekly recruitment advertising section will be the easiest and most economical way for companies to attract qualified candidates for the most important positions within their organizations," Alessi says.

Alessi listed four reasons why "GamingCareers" will be an important vehicle to "reach the most qualified employees in the gaming industry in the most cost-effective manner":

”¡The Right Employees: Tens of thousands of gaming industry professionals, from CEOs and general managers to slot supervisors and dealers, read GamingToday every week.

”¡The Right Income Group: As many as 54 percent of GamingToday readers have household incomes over $62,000 a year.

”¡The Right Readership: Some 79 percent of GamingToday readers report reading each issue cover to cover. And more than 50 percent have been loyal readers for at least three years.

”¡The Right Target Market: "At least 80 percent of GamingToday readers classify themselves as ”˜professionals,’" Alessi explains. "We reach most gaming industry executives in Las Vegas and many more around the country."

"With the proliferation of gaming opportunities throughout the country," she concludes, "we feel strongly that "GamingCareers" will offer the right time to advertise at the right price."

Each ad also will be posted on GamingToday’s web site,, and will be available at no charge to anyone on the Internet.

Publication of the first "GamingCareers" section will precede by two weeks a special issue to commemorate the newspaper’s 25th anniversary. This issue will be published July 31.