MLB Commish, let it go for Pete's sake!

Aug 25, 2009 5:06 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Mike Schmidt, the former third baseman for the Phillies and a Hall of Famer, has asked baseball if 20 years of banishment is enough of a penalty for ex-teammate Pete Rose. Pete also has an endorsement from the great Hank Aaron.

However, Commissioner Bud Selig once again turned deaf ears with a "we’ll take it under advisement" answer.

As you know, Pete copped out to then Commissioner Bart Giamatti, with the promise that baseball wouldn’t reveal its evidence against him.

Well, somehow they revealed the facts, and Pete was not only humiliated, but was destined to at least 20 years of being the real bad guy.

My feelings are that they should give him his due, as he has served his time. Incidentally, he never bet against his team, which perhaps he should have and maybe he would have won a few more bets.

Do high profile execs buy stock in their own companies? Of course they do. Does Ford buy GM shares? Of course not. Would Bill Gates buy shares in Apple? Maybe.

The bottom line on Pete Rose is with all the records achieved during the steroid era, the Hall of Fame might need a worthy person, as many of the greats will not be voted in, regardless of the record books.

Would you vote for Clemens, McGuire, Sosa, A-Rod, Bonds and others who in normal times would be shoe-ins for the Hall of Fame?

I vote for Pete, as who can be displeased with anyone who bets on baseball.

As September is almost here, and football has begun, don’t forget about baseball. I know it’s more fun to watch football, especially with a bet, but you can’t get plus 180 in the foots. Baseball always has been the best sport to bet, because of the potential return on your money.

If you are betting exhibition football without teasers, you don’t like money. Does anyone remember Speedy? He’s as sharp as they come, and never saw a teaser he did not like. Incidentally, being the third week of exhibition football they play almost for real, so this week you can bet a few favorites.

We’ll all mourn the passing of Mr. Fertitta, for he was the giant that built the Station Casino empire from a little joint called the Bingo Palace on Sahara Avenue. He will be greatly missed.

Have a great week

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