Locate video keno patterns, then play them!

Sep 1, 2009 5:08 PM
Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm |

Eventually, patterns tend to repeat

It was an interesting week of 20-card keno, sometimes with good results, sometimes not so good results.

One of the attractions of using all 20 cards in IGT’s Multi-Card Keno game is you can mark overlapping tickets, so that when numbers land in patterns or "clusters," you have a better chance of filling up a card.

The patterns I choose to mark are based on the hit patterns I have seen over many years of playing video keno.

For instance, if you watch the numbers fall long enough, they will eventually fill 7-out-of-8 or even all eight numbers in the 2x4 box in the upper left hand corner, as well as the 2x4 box below it – or any eight-numbered box on the board, for that matter.

Also, if you observe long enough, eventually any or all of the 19-numbered rows will fill in seven, eight or even nine of the 10 numbers.

The latter pattern was my target last week. Going on the theory that eight numbers, hopefully, will fall into a given row, I marked numerous overlapping tickets – 16 of them to be exact – on a single row, which I varied between the bottom row (71-80) and the one above it (61-70).

Specifically, I tried two different sets of patterns: In one configuration, I marked 16 7-spot tickets, which consisted of two groups of eight 7-spots – that is eight 7-spots grouped "underneath" eight numbers.

The reasoning is that if seven numbers of the group landed in the pattern, I would be rewarded with a solid 7-spot, plus seven 6-out-of-7 payoffs. The grand hope, however, was that eight numbers would completely cover one of the group of eight 7-spots, giving me eight solid 7-spot jackpots. (It’s not so farfetched; I’ve hit these patterns several times before.)

The other configuration consisted of marking eight 7-spots and eight 9-spots on the row of 10 numbers. The target, once again, was to catch all eight in the group of 7-spot tickets, which would have also produced one 8-of-9 plus seven 7-of-9 jackpots from the other pattern.

Well, after considerable play, the machine finally dropped eight numbers into the rows I had marked, but they never fully "cooperated" in where they landed.

With the two sets of 7-spot tickets, I only caught one solid 7-spot (plus the seven 6-of-7 awards), but missed landing all eight numbers into one of the patterns.

And with the combination of 7-spot and 9-spot tickets, I was only able to catch a single 8-of-9 jackpot, to go along with eight 6-of-7 jackpots (no solid 7-spots!).

I realize that hoping for eight numbers to fill a pattern when there a bunch of 8-number possibilities in a 10-numbered row is tricky

But sometimes you need to be lucky, and I guess it wasn’t meant to happen, at least not last week.

But I’ll continue, confident that eight numbers will eventually fall into the pattern, maybe with more dramatic results next time.

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