Football’s back on the main stage

Sep 8, 2009 5:02 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

How in the world do you fire an offensive coordinator before the season starts? Three different NFL teams have already done this without one regular season game under their belt.

Almost every employer has a 90-day trial for new employees, so the rookies can get accustomed to the flow and can be evaluated on their performance. To judge an offensive coordinator on four exhibition games, which include only partial participation by the core group, is ridiculous.

The last game is played without anyone, and just for fun. I don’t get it! I wonder if they get paid for the entire season. Don’t forget, they all left jobs to take these jobs – moving to a new city, maybe buying a home, changing schools for kids, signing leases, etc. It isn’t right.

How do we explain Brett Favre utilizing a cracked back block on a Kansas City defender in an exhibition game no less? Brett of all people should know that one’s knees only flex backwards, and the game has rules on blocking below the belt, as serious injury may occur, as well as possibly ending a career. So they fine Mr. Indecisive $10,000 for the act, which he can just barely afford.

Oh yes! Football is back on the main stage. We ought to start firing right away. The Steelers are a 5-point favorite in the opening game Thursday. If you can hurry and get down, as the spread will go up, even to 7 in some stores, you should.

Many prices are cheap now but will change by game time, so betting the favorites early would be advantageous to you. Another example of this is the Vikings, currently a 4-point favorite while visiting Carolina. Between Favre and Adrian Peterson this line will go up to at least 6.

A worthwhile dog to wait on is Tampa Bay, currently at 5½ and may go higher. I don’t believe Dallas will be America’s team this season and should have a difficult time winning its own division. The Bucs might surprise a few handicappers before the season ends.

If the Giants go to 7, the Skins become a solid dog play due primarily to their defensive capabilities.

On Sunday night the underrated Packers’ defense may make Jay Cutler wish he were still with Denver, as the new defensive coordinator for the Packers has had great success. This team is a sleeper, especially at home behind a strong running game led by Ryan Grant and a better-than-average QB in Aaron Rodgers.

My long-time friend Charlie Keenan is now the general manager of Dean’s Place on Dean Martin Drive, just about a football field away from the Silverton Hotel and Casino. I met Charlie in Laughlin in 1987, when I was running the sports books at the Edgewater and Colorado Belle. After work he was our favorite bartender at the Belle. We’ve developed a friendship that has lasted over 20 years.

We were there when he married his lovely wife Tammy. Charlie always loved football contests, and never missed one when we both got up to the Excalibur. Now he’s running a great place, Dean’s Place.

For 25 bucks you get 17 free brunches (incidentally his food is great) on Sunday morning and his place has the NFL Ticket to show every game each Sunday. On top of that he’s guaranteeing $7,500 in prize money and season ending cash for the top five contestants. I’m going there this Friday at 5 p.m. to help him get some more entries. If you come over I’ll buy you a drink, and give you, hopefully, a few winners for your first week. There’s no point spreads, so your shot is as good as anyone’s.

Have a great week.

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