Cosmopolitan may get $2B write-down

Sep 15, 2009 5:02 PM
Gaming Insider by Phil Hevener |

Analysts following the saga of the Cosmopolitan Resort are guessing that a write-down of some two billion may be upcoming by Deutsche Bank.

The project budget has so far topped $4 billion, according to estimates by outsiders who have had the occasion for close looks at what is happening there. This year’s expected write-off would lay the foundation for some interesting comparisons beginning late next year when the Cosmo is expected to be open.

Write-downs have already taken a big bite out of local resort values.

MGM MIRAGE has written off $188 million of the $200 million that it put into the Marnell family’s M Resort. And let’s see what may happen at the Las Vegas Fontainebleau project. It’s stalled for the moment as developers and prospective lenders argue about who owes what to whom.

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