College football's Big 10 object of love/hate dichotomy

Sep 15, 2009 5:06 PM
Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |

Michigan in clover, Ohio State isn’t

The Big Ten is in a state of happiness and remorse as the Michigan fans are just loving their head coach, while the Ohio State fans want coach "T’s" head on a platter.

The Buckeye defense played a winning game in what was a real gut-wrenching performance, holding the highpowered Trojan offense to just 18 points – it was actually 11 if you discount their first TD on the turnover early in the game.

So what was the main reason Ohio State lost this game at home? There are several but the first is, when they lost the coin flip and the wise coaching staff of Southern Cal elected to kick, it paid off with the big interception.

The second is when Ohio State had the ball first-and-goal and didn’t get it in the end zone with some very auspicious play calling.

They have a very good running, elusive quarterback, but never called a play that could have had him rolling out to pass or run it in. They had to settle for the field goal, which eventually came back to haunt them.

The third reason was at the end of the first half they failed to use the clock and could have gone into half time with a 10-7 lead, but instead had to kick it to Southern Cal, who moved in for the field goal and the momentum took a little change heading into the second half.

Still, with a break here or there Ohio State could have won, but sometimes it’s just a flip of the coin that can change the entire season.

The "eyes" still have Penn State and Michigan in the future; but if they lose to both or either look out coach "T."


Thursday, Sept. 17

Georgia Tech +3½ at Miami: The Hurricanes had a week off since beating Florida State 38-34 as a six point dog and at first I thought, wow, what a huge win. But then I saw how Florida State was life and death to beat Jacksonville State 19-9, a team that Georgia Tech beat 37-17. The "Rambling Wreck" has won three straight in this series, make it four. GEORGIA TECH +3½

Saturday, Sept. 19

Northern Illinois +13½ at Purdue: The Boilermakers are back from Oregon, where they played a huge game, losing 38-36; despite returning home, they may not be in the right frame of mind for this game, especially with Notre Dame coming up next week. The Huskies from Northern Illinois played Wisconsin dead even, just losing late 28-20, and have been a real good dog in this kind of situation. NORTHERN ILLINOIS +13½

E. Carolina +8 at North Carolina: Skip Holtz will have his Pirate team fired up after getting crushed by West Virginia last week. North Carolina was very lucky to beat U-Conn,12-10. EAST CAROLINA +8

Arizona +6 at Iowa: Just a real good spot for the Wildcats, getting points as their defense has been super in the first two games; and this looks like a must win for them as this is the first of three straight road games. Iowa is off a big game with rival Iowa State and they have Penn State next week and that game could be weighing on their mind. ARIZONA +6

Duke +19 at Kansas 11 am: This one is a trend players dream as the Duke Blue Devils have gone 12-0 ATS as dogs when +25 points or less, in the second of back-to-back road games – this is their second road game in a row. DUKE +19 (wait to make this bet as the point spread will go higher)

Virginia +14½ at So Mississippi 12:30 pm CBSC TV: This looks like it could be wake up time for the Cavaliers, as they did show a little spark last week against a tough TCU squad; the points look good. VIRGINIA +14½

Tennessee +28 at Florida: You may think that I have lost my mind, but Tennessee getting 28 points is just too much for me to pass up. Florida may be the best team in the land, but coming off of trouncing the likes of Charleston Southern and Troy, well, give me a break. The Vol’s come into this game having covered six straight times with plus double digits. TENNESSEE +28

Rice +31 at Oklahoma State: I am not in a favorite betting kind of mood but the Cowboys will be in a very nasty one after that loss to Houston last week, bet this game early as it can only go up, Oklahoma State by 40 or more. OKLAHOMA STATE -31

Cincinnati +3 at Oregon State: Just a huge game for the Bearcats and we will find out how good they really are; their offense scored 47 at Rutgers and then last week they put up a 70 spot against SE Missouri State. A win here could have them headed to an undefeated season. CINCY +3


Sunday, Sept. 20

Patriots -6½ at Jets: The Pats have gone 10-0 ATS on the road vs. the Jets. PATRIOTS -6½

Seahawks +1 at 49ers 1:05 pm: Seahawks have gone 0-6 ATS in six straight after facing the Rams. 49ers -1

Monday, Sept.21

Colts -3 at Dolphins: Dolphins went undefeated in preseason but showed no offense in game one at Falcon stadium. The Colts were lucky to escape with the win at home against a tough Jag team, but will find the Fish defense to their liking. COLTS -3

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