Pro and college football finally arrive

Sep 16, 2009 8:46 PM
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

If it is raining you stay home.  If it is too hot outside you stay home.  If you are sick in bed, you stay home. 

But if it is the first full weekend of college and pro football, and it’s raining outside or it’s 104 and you need a heart transplant, you’re still going to find the time to put in your football plays. 

Football is so much a part of our life that it is almost indescribable. Talking to many of my friends who run these joints, and seeing the business and foot traffic at our Lucky Sports Book locations, we know why we wait in anticipation for the season to start.

Though the times are tough for a lot people, in some degree football is the medicine that gets you through the weekend to cope with everyday life. 

I know it is not the savior for the economy but it is definitely a spike, when any plus is needed. 

The games speak for themselves, as you saw endings that Quinton Tarantino could not have scripted.  The Bengals teased or the Chiefs at +13½ move you to the front of the "bad beat" bus. 

The key favorites, including the Ravens, Cowboys, Vikes and Saints, made the Monday night doubleheader triple tough, if both favorites could have covered. But that nightmare (for the books) didn’t happen, so it is not your problem.

I have been around this controlled insanity my entire life and have seen this love affair grow to a place I or anyone could ever have imagined. 

With Monday night football entering season number 40 – I watched the first game between the Jets and the Browns – let’s all sign up for 40 more. 

Take care, Jimmy V

By the way, all that money that showed this summer on the Bears to win the Super Bowl? Put that with your Cubs World Series tickets!

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