Mine those college, pro football schedules

Sep 22, 2009 5:09 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

There are some nice matchups this week, so maybe we’ll get lucky again, especially in college football. On Friday I like Mizzou over home standing Nevada, a team that hasn’t showed anything so far, as they got killed by Notre Dame at home and lost by 15 to Colorado State on the road. The quarterback who ran so effectively last year hasn’t shown much this season. Bet the favorite early, as it should go up before game time.

Here are a few shots for Saturday.

Wake Forest -2 over a disappointing Boston College.

Normally, I’d think that Tennessee would suffer a let down after playing great in Florida last week, but they are home, and Coach Kippin will surely perk them up, so it’s safe to lay 20 points when they host Ohio. Who the hell is Ohio, and what are they doing in Tennessee?

I don’t think San Diego State can slow down Air Force, as their triple option offense has been piling up big numbers. Lay the 16½.

Arkansas has a real good QB who can score on anyone, so getting 15½ from Alabama looks good to me.

My friend Pete White says Western Kentucky is the worst team in football, and he is right. Navy figures to bury them, as almost a four touchdown favorite. They won’t be forced into turnovers, so they may score at will. If not, blame Pete, not me.

As for the pros, the Texans host Jacksonville. The Houston club can score on anyone, and the Jaguars can’t score on anyone. I’ll lay the field goal, and take my chances with the Texans.

The Redskins are a 7-point favorite over the home standing Lions. This is a game the Lions can win straight up. The Skins score even less than Jacksonville, home or away. Take the points.

The Saints are on a roll after two games, behind Drew Brees, and it doesn’t look like anyone can slow them down. Brees has thrown nine TDs in two games, a record to start a season. Can he throw a few more in Buffalo? I think -4 is a cheap number. Lay the 4 and look for more.

The first recommended under play will take place in Raider land this week, as the Broncos visit the black hole in Oakland. The number is 37, which is too high, as scoring will be at a premium.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, made up of three individuals, who have been given absolute power of reprisals, have somewhat stepped over the line in my judgment. In a recent meeting with casino operators, Randall Sayre, a member of the Control Board, was quoted as saying "If you don’t cooperate with us when we call you forward for licensing, then we’ll just put you on the agenda and deny you anyway."

Look closely at Randall’s words, and they may remind you of people who throughout history have denied mutual respect to others, who are not in as dominant of a position. I get the feeling that if you called Randall "Randy" you’d be banished from the meeting and possibly not allowed in attendance until you gave an apology.

I do believe that the governing body otherwise known as the Nevada Gaming Control Board has let their power go to their heads. What happened to the courteous, respectful members, like Bill Bible, who helped lead this state to previously unimaginable heights through his years of leadership as the chairman of the Board? If I’ve learned anything in my life, it is to never forget where I’ve come from. To rule through fear throughout history has never been as successful as recognizing mutual respect of others. My advice to Randy is to lighten up and realize that "we’re all in this together." Nevada is a great State, but cannot and should not become a dictatorship in America.

Have a great week.

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