NFL dogs ready for their day!

Oct 6, 2009 5:00 PM
Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

Oh my Josh! The Broncos aren’t really 4-0 are they? The answer from the Dallas Cowboys is a legitimate yes!

But is Mark Sanchez really a rookie? The answer from the New Orleans Saints is also a resounding yes.

Have the dogs only won the money eight times in the last two weeks? Please tell me that’s not true. No one is more sorry than Denny The Dog, but I’m here to tell you it is very true. If you’ve been betting the favorites over the past two weeks you’re rolling in the do-re-me! Here’s hoping week five will be the return of the hungry dawgs!


Bengals +7½ at Ravens: Baltimore has established their identity early. The Ravens have clearly struggled on the road. But they have a tendency to crush any opponents wandering into Baltimore. Carson Palmer and company have pulled three consecutive rabbits out of their helmets with last minute wins over Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I don’t see an magical tricks on the horizon in Baltimore. RAVENS.

Browns +5½ at Bills: Buffalo missed several starters in a pathetic effort at Miami. Much weaker opponent here but it’s a Browns’ team extremely hungry for their first win. Derek Anderson has the offense moving the chains a little for a change. The Bills certainly haven’t earned the right to be a 5 point favorite over any club, including the winless Brownies. Uncertain status of FS Donte Whitner and SS Byron Scott cinches the choice. BROWNS.

Skins +3 at Panthers: Carolina reeling after consecutive losses to Philly, Atlanta and Dallas. Only positive you can pull from that fact is all three teams are fairly solid competition. The Skins cannot claim the same positive because they barely have a pulse, losing to the Lions and barely eeking out wins over St. Louis and Tampa Bay. The Skins’ players are trying to save Jim Zorn’s job. However, I see the Panthers racking up their first win of the season. The Jim Zorn job watch will officially go back on red alert. PANTHERS.

Steelers -10 at Lions: Pittsburgh tired out after all out effort to bury Chargers and pull themselves back into the AFC north race. Lions should have tougher game face on at home. Detroit suffered from out of control partying, celebrating and crying after first win in two years the previous week. This week Detroit will be the more rested club. LIONS.

Cowboys -7 at Chiefs: I haven’t been able to watch "Inside Edition" lately and have fallen behind on any Hollywood gossip. So I have to ask you, is Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson again? Did he go to Mexico with her last week? Romo looked more ready to play with Simpson than he did pro football. But the Chiefs didn’t look ready either. I will take the chalk. COWBOYS.

Raiders +15½ at Giants: This number is tall! How do the bookmakers do it? I will tell you how, no fear of the dog! I know the G-men are well armed, even without the weapon Plaxico used to carry. But this is a huge number. But it is pretty easy to understand once you look at the Oakland QB. JaMarcus Russell has only completed 40 percent of his passes this year. The Raiders have also fumbled 8 times in 4 games. On second thought, I’m now wondering why the number isn’t bigger! Who am I kidding, Denny The Dog can’t lay over two touchdowns in any game for fear of being sent to Michael Vick’s house for doggie training. RAIDERS.

Bucs +14 at Eagles: Tampa Bay is winless. But they’ve only lost one of 4 games by over 14 points. So I’ll take my chances with a team looking for their first win plus 14 points. BUCS.

Vikings -10 at Rams: I have a hunch the dawgs will bounce back a little after only 8 total wins the last two weeks! If the dogs do bounce back the home doggies have to lead the way. The Vikes have to have a slight let down after emotional Monday night media blitz from Green Bay RAMS.

Falcons +1½ at 49ers: It’s very difficult to go against Singletary’s team after a terrific bounce back from the Brett Favre Hail Marry bullet. The Niners’ D registered 5 sacks and two defensive TDs versus the Rams after tough loss to the Vikings. Falcons coming off bye but they don’t seem to have the same magic they had last year when Matt Ryan caught everyone by surprise. 49ERS.

Texans +4 at Cardinals: Kurt Warner isn’t the force he was last year. Matt Schaub is running the Texans’ offense too efficiently to pass on the points in this game. Cards still looking for their first home win of the season. I think they have a fight on their hands this Sunday. TEXANS.

Patriots -4 at Broncos: If the Broncos are legit at 4-0, what’s that make New England? The Pats are 3-1, only losing to the Jets. I will take Brady over Orton and pray the Broncos’ defense will not play as well as they have the first 4 weeks and come back to planet earth. Pats’ D not too shabby thus far. PATRIOTS.

Jags +3 at Seahawks: I like the way the Jags have responded after opening the season 0-2. David Garrad has answered an emergency call with a couple of solid performances over Houston and Tennessee. Seneca Wallace hasn’t been enough of a threat to call off the dogs that are hounding Julius Jones. The Seahawks haven’t been able to run the ball an inch when they need a yard or vice-versa. JAGS.

Colts -4 at Titans: What happened to Tennessee’s defense? I honestly don’t think Haynesworth alone could cause a drop off as big as 0-4. The Titans must be missing their defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who is now head coach of the Lions. Peyton Manning and the Colts are smoking all comers. The oddsmakers obviously know something I don’t because the number looks tiny to me! COLTS.

Jets -2½ at Dolphins: Sanchez and the high flying Jets were due to trip up eventually. The Saints made the rookie look like exactly that – a rookie. But he is good and I think Sanchez will bounce back. Rex Ryan likes the limelight and he’ll have it and more Monday night. The Fish made Chad Henne’s debut easy by rushing the ball well versus Buffalo and shutting down the rush coming the other way. I think it will be a tougher battle against the Jets; they’re a healthier and better team than the Bills. JETS.


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