Fourth of July events heat up the showrooms

Jul 3, 2001 2:47 AM

Vegas is heating up for our Fourth of July celebration! And come Independence Day, the city will have a host of star-studded performers in the showrooms.

Birthdays aren’t always funny, unless you share them with Elayne Boosler and Judy Tenuta, who are at Paris this week ”” this is a show you cannot miss. Either of these two crazy comedienes is worth the price of admission, but together the show is a turbo-charged riot.

Some things will always amaze this columnist ”” the New Frontier, if you can believe this, will have the hot Australian revue, Thunder From Down Under, an all-male dance revue that will be on stage Thursday. This show is the ultimate Lady’s Night, so girls, leave the couch potato at home and gather your friends for a night to remember.

Speaking of male strippers, another show that is being pitched about town is a Chippendale-type musical revue, all-male nudes with singing. Les hombres, macho, macho men!

Congratulations to Lord of the Dance at New York-New York. The show just celebrated its third anniversay, and they have another year left on their contract. The classic ”˜River Dance’ show is high octane entertainment at its best. See it again!

The Stratosphere will be hosting a spectacular Fourth of July press event to inaugurate the opening of its new 1,000-room tower and other new facilities. Congratulations to Carl Icahn and those in charge for making what was once a one-dimensional hotel-casino into a well-rounded resort with something for locals and visitors alike. I can’t wait to see some of their new additions, such as the Crazy Armadillo restaurant and bar and other places in which I expect to be hanging out.

The big news again is the nine-week run of Robert Goulet and Paige O’Hara at the C2K Showroom in The Venetian. Goulet will then be taking South Pacific on a national tour prior to a Broadway opening. O’Hara, his co-star, will be producing and starring in The Mystery of Edwin Drood after this engagement. These are two busy megastars who both make their perspective homes in Las Vegas.

Also at The Venetian, an Argentinean bolero/Latin/gaucho spectacular, called Beats of Passion, will debut July 9. This is part of the new Las Vegas Latin-flavored craze that is beginning to dominate the Strip.

For all of you Madonna fans, don’t forget that the MGM Grand will be the stage for her latest concert. It’s completely sold-out, but scalpers have prices up to the $2,000 to $10,000 range as current rates for these unobtainable seats. In the casinos, the ultimate test being put to the hosts and account executives is whether they can come up with tickets for their high rollers.

David Osborne has a new CD, “David Osborne Plays the Music of Elton John,” which has just been released. This is the 16th release of albums and CD’s for Osborne, who now performs Wednesdays through Sundays in the Café Lago at Caesar’s. David is a world-renowned pianist, who has performed at the White House and all over Europe and the U.S. The Caesars people did a nice job with his reception.

Don’t forget that the MGM Grand Garden, on Sept. 29, will set the scene for tennis standout Andre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Children. This is a worthwhile charity event. Tickets will go on sale Aug. 25, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $75,000 per ­­ducat. Let’s be generous here.

My spies are telling me that a major brouhaha is going on between the management and all the in-house tech people involved in the productions at the Flamingo. So far, management has given walking papers to all the showroom servers.

What a pity! Another slice of Vegas is fading away. But this is nothing new. Other showrooms such as the Riviera discontinued cocktail servers years ago. And Caesars Palace, of course, closed its classic Circus Maximus showroom altogether.

Guess what, everybody? Just when we thought that there weren’t any good shows coming to town, Les Miserables, the award-winning, 12-year Broadway hit, will be gracing the stage of the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts. This classic, theatrical musical will be performed from Sept. 19-23. Tickets are on sale at the Aladdin Hotel’s box office.

Donny Osmond will be at New York-New York backed with a 16-piece orchestra in a show entitled, This Is The Moment”¦An Evening With The Fabulous Donny Osmond (since I happen to be a personal fan of this singer). He’ll put on a great show.

If the manager of La Femme, that wonderful show that I am absolutely ga-ga about, looks familiar, her name is Lauren L. Brown. She is so beautiful and gracious, a unique presence in this town. Brown was in Lido de Paris in 1985, and looks like she can still melt a crowd. Wow!