Keno jackpot deja vu all over again!

Oct 13, 2009 5:08 PM
Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm |

They say things come in "threes." I hope they’re right.

Last week, I discussed a 20-Card Keno jackpot in which nine numbers hit on my row of 10 numbers, which contained eight 7-spot cards and eight 9-spot cards.

The result was a nice payoff: one solid 7-spot, one solid 9-spot, seven 8-of-9 jackpots and seven 6-of-7 awards.

Well, it happened again last weekend: once again nine numbers dropped into my row and hit all of the patterns I was playing.

This time, however, I didn’t have as many cards marked. But the resulting payoff was actually higher because the numbers landed on the "right" spots!

Moreover, a friend with a camera was nearby so we even have a photo of the winning video keno screen.

As you can see from the picture below, the nine numbers fell into the bottom row (numbers 71-80). The only spot missed was number 76.

Unlike last week, I only marked 12 patterns on the bottom row, rather than 16 patterns (eight 7-spots and eight 9-spots).

This time I marked eight 7-spots, using the outside eight numbers (71-74 and 76-80), as well as four more 7-spots – the first five numbers (71-75) coupled with the last two numbers (79 and 80); and the first two numbers (71 and 72) coupled with the last five numbers (76-80).

When the machine filled in the outside eight numbers, I hit all eight of the 7-spot cards in that cluster. When number 75 hit, it gave me two more solid 7-spots (because I duplicated those last two patterns).

Overall, the award was worth 10 solid 7-spot jackpots, plus two 6-of-7 awards.

It’s interesting to note that the payoff would have been much higher if I had used my "normal" cluster of eight 7-spots overlapped with eight 9-spots, because instead of two extra solid 7-spots, I would have had a solid 9-spot plus seven 8-of-9 jackpots. But who’s complaining?

Also of note, the jackpot didn’t pop up out of nowhere, although those things can and do happen. I "worked" this machine for a couple of hours before it hit.

During that time, I caught numerous 6-of-7 awards, as well as 7-of-9 jackpots (on another line), which helped to keep me going.

Also, many times after gaining a large block of credits, the machine would go "dead" and begin to take the credits back in large chunks.

When that happened, I would cash out and start again – I probably did that a couple of dozen times.

I think it would be safe to say that all or most of the big awards I’ve hit have come within three or four plays of re-starting.

Whether it’s just a coincidence or not is purely speculation. But if it works, why change?

In any case, I hope to complete the trifecta some time soon. Maybe even all 10 numbers will find their way onto the bottom row!

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