Oops, no Cards in baseball's ’09 World Series

Oct 13, 2009 5:01 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Anybody interested in buying a ticket on the Cardinals for the winner of the World Series, please go to eBay. As a keepsake you may awe your friends with the 20-1 odds that I received. They informed me that the opening bid would be in the 10-cent category. Such a deal!

In the American League it looks like a long series between the Yankees and Angels. Both teams swept their opponents and are playing good ball. There shouldn’t be a sweep here, as I look for the powerful Yanks to take it in six.

As of this writing I don’t know who the Dodgers will play, but I favor them over the Rockies. If the Phillies get here, I favor the Phillies over the Dodgers.

On the college menu I favor Notre Dame plus 11½ against USC. QB Clausen can score, especially at South Bend, and should be able to keep the Trojans within the double-digit spread.

Cal giving UCLA only a field goal looks like a good short favorite. The Bears had an extra week to prepare for this game, and it should show up in the final score.

Boston College giving North Carolina State only a field goal is another good short favorite. BC has improved this season and should win.

The big game of the week comes early Saturday, as Oklahoma and Texas get underway at 9 a.m. Pacific. A great way to start the day, and I’m looking at the over, as both teams love to run it up for the pollsters of the BCS.

I hate to keep picking on the Redskins, but they score so little, that every time I see them as a favorite over 4 points I have to bet on the dog. This week the Chiefs get 6, so they have my vote.

Barring bad weather in Seattle, you can go over the 46 points as Matt Hasselbeck has returned to his duties as you can see by his four TDs last week.

I still don’t believe in the Broncos, even if they are undefeated. That should change this week, as SD’s defensive line gives QB Orton a real run for his money. Lay the 3 and a half and watch the Chargers charge!

Have a great week!

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