Yanks, Phils on track in Major League Baseball playoffs

Oct 20, 2009 5:08 PM
The 3-2 Pitch by Andy Iskoe |

Baseball’s version of the Final Four are in the midst of the League Championship series as we go to press this week.

Should the Yankees win Monday’s game three their chances for a sweep are excellent in Tuesday’s game four, especially with ace C C Sabathia scheduled to make the start. But should the Angels have drawn to within 2 to 1 with a win Monday this now becomes a series and the Angels would be worth playing in Tuesday’s game four, especially as a decent sized underdog against Sabathia.

If there is a game five the play would vary depending upon the status of the series.

If the Angels have won two straight to tie the series at two games apiece, the Yankees would be playable in game five if they are made an underdog and looking to avoid a three game road sweep. With Scott Kazmir expected to start game four we might see a matchup of A J Burnett against Joe Saunders (or possibly Ervin Santana) and the Angels could be a slight favorite to continue the streak of home team wins.

Should the series return to New York with one team ahead three to two the game six play would be on the team needing to win. Such a scenario would mean a play on the Yankees seeking to make it six straight wins by the home team. The Yankees would be playable up to minus 180 seeking to avoid an end to their season. If the Yankees are seeking to close out the Series in six games the Angels would have to be at least plus 175 to back.

Finally the Yankees would be the play in game seven at minus 160 or better.

The NLCS had Philadelphia looking to extend their lead to three games to one on Monday night. A win by the Dodgers would have tied the series and make it now a best of three with the Dodgers having the final two games at home. In such a scenario the Phillies would be the play to wrap up the series in five games.

Should the series be tied at two games apiece the Dodgers would be playable as underdogs of plus 140 or more in game five with the Phillies playable at a more competitive price of minus 125 or less.

Should the series return to Los Angeles for game six the Dodgers would be playable to remain alive down 3 to 2 if favored by minus 125 or less or to wrap up the series in six games if the Phillies are favored.

If the series goes to a seventh game the Dodgers would be playable if favored by minus 130 or less while Philadelphia would be playable only as underdogs of plus 140 or more. It’s hard to ignore the edge the Dodgers have in the bullpen in competitive games thus making for the more restrictive conditions for playing the Phillies to win the series on the road in a seventh game.

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