Live NFL games not what they used to be

Oct 27, 2009 4:05 PM
Vaccaro’s Views by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Move over, Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews, and I will give you my sideline report from the Chargers-Broncos game held on Monday night a couple of weeks ago.

It was the first pro game I have seen live since Terry Bradshaw was a rookie.

First of all, going to San Diego is always a treat, and lunch in La Jolla near the ocean is always top shelf.

Getting to the game via the trolley and avoiding the parking nightmare is also understated.

Arriving two hours early and watching the game coming to life added a different perspective … for instance, players starting their pre-game workouts, interviews taking place and that camera, which always seems to be in the huddle, being connected from four different places in the stadium.

We started snapping some pictures of the fans as they entered. It was like WWF as they all made their grand entrances.

For instance, two guys with their Ray Masterio masks, complete with capes, came swooping in and they were promptly greeted by a guy who had his head shaved and painted as the exact replica of the Broncos helmet.

His wife took it all in stride and one can only imagine what they do when they are at home alone.

Five paratroopers came flying in and the moment that the National Anthem was concluded, four F-16s from the nearby base buzzed the stadium, seeming like they were just three feet over your head.

We stood with 68,000 others 80 percent of the time, which is apparently the only way to watch a game these days.

As the game started to slip away from the home team, we like many others, started filtering out, heading for the trolley and some room service.

My social calendar is usually very open but I do recommend taking a trip to a game. But being a BM at heart, I was rooting for the homers, also because money showed on the Broncos.

So, you can’t take the game out of the boy no matter where you are.

Now, the Yanks versus the Phils in the World Series: The futures look good as it usually comes down to the favorites in any sport. If you bet them, you probably won’t get carted out.

For instance, popular teams like the Devil Rays are nowhere in sight this time of year.

We are headed to the half-mile pole in pro football, and the colleges are well-into the second half of their season.

But don’t despair, you can start rooting on Tuesday for the NBA, which will drag on until the first day of next summer.

Just tell me who you like in the finals and I’ll take it from there.

Take care, Jimmy V.

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