In Las Vegas -- road to Mandalay paved with shops!

Nov 3, 2009 5:04 PM
Around Town by Eileen Di Rocco |

Business took me to Mandalay Bay last week. Wanting to avoid Strip traffic, we found our way there via Frank Sinatra Drive. This is a handy road, known mostly to cab drivers and locals, that runs behind the casinos on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard starting behind Caesars Palace, continuing south and looping back into Russell Road past Mandalay Bay.

It has always puzzled me why the late Frank Sinatra, who almost single-handedly put this town on the map in the 1950s and helped keep it on top for over 40 years, was "honored" by putting his name on a secondary road out of sight and unknown to the majority of visitors. If you ask me (of course no one did), a re-naming of a section of Las Vegas Boulevard would have been more appropriate.

But the road is convenient and it got us to our destination in short order. Actually, we decided to park at Luxor and walk through its casino first then head to Mandalay via the Mandalay Place Shopping corridor.

Because of my busy schedule, it’s been a while since I’ve sauntered through stores browsing their wares. Luckily, we were early enough to allow a casual look through most of the shops.

There’s a nice variety of clothing stores for the ladies, including Maude (think romantic evening, chic denim and contemporary styles), Nora Blue (flirty, girly, glamorous) and Frederick’s of Hollywood (ooh la la!). Elton’s men’s store is full of contemporary and creative collections.

Several stores offer footwear from casual to elegant and one, Flip Flop Shops, sells nothing but flip flops and sandals. Who knew there were so many different ways to expose your toes?

You can get beauty treatments at the ARCS salon or you can purchase your own at LUSH. This unique store offers a full line of hand made products from soaps and lotions to dusting powders and deodorants. They have hair gels, lip balms, sugar scrubs, toner waters, shower jellies, shampoos, glitter bars and dozens of other products. They also offer fresh face masks such as Love Lettuce, Cupcake and Brazened Honey.

LUSH is a very eco-friendly business and most of their products come without the traditional bottles, pots or other packaging, so they are free to sit "naked" on the store shelves. This does produce a strong mixture of aromas so approach slowly if you have a sensitive nose.

Of course, no shopping excursion is complete until you’ve checked out the jewelry stores. Forever Silver (hip, modern, unique) and Le Paradis (classic, fashionable, diverse) have lovely offerings. But, TeNo caught my fancy. Their pieces are made of stainless steel (nickel free, of course), then they add a mix of rubber, ceramics, diamonds, sapphires, gold, topaz, wood and pearls to create a unique, sleek and modern statement.

After shopping there are several places to unwind, including the Burger Bar (beef, buffalo, turkey, vegan), Giorgio Ristorante (traditional Italian), minus5 Ice Lounge (a chilling experience), Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood (casual sushi bar or elegant fine dining) and Fat Tuesday (daiquiris are their specialty and they offer free samples).

See you around town.

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