Ohio voters okay 4 casinos

Nov 4, 2009 7:00 PM
Staff & Wire Reports |

Ohio voters on Tuesday approved four casinos in a statewide expansion of gaming, but just barely. (pictured Ohio casino)

About 53 percent of the voters approved the measure.

A University of Cincinnati study predicts the four new casinos – to be located in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo) – will generate about 40,000 new jobs and $4 billion in economic benefits.

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The Ohio horse racing industry could see about $18 million in benefits from casino gambling.

Bob Elliston, president of Turfway Park in Northern Kentucky, stated in a Courier-Journal.com article that he wouldn’t have been surprised of the passage of the Ohio referendum. "I think public opinion has shifted in Ohio like it has in Kentucky," he said.

Elliston went on to comment on the future of the Kentucky horse racing industry without gaming expansion and ultimate support. "It’s difficult to foresee a future for the horse racing industry in Kentucky beyond a couple years if they fail to give us the ability to compete with other states," he said.

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