Fox TV team honors soldiers in Afghanistan

Nov 10, 2009 5:08 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

I’ve always made it a point to never watch pre-game shows in football, but last week I made an exception when the Fox crew went to Afghanistan with Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Jay Glazer, Howie Long and MC Curt Menefree. It was a moving experience, especially the segment honoring fallen NFL hero Pat Tillman. Their live show was so moving it put the real things in life in a truer perspective. I’m certain the troops got a great lift from their visit and appreciated it. It reminded me of being in Korea in the early 1950s when we were entertained by Bob Hope’s crew of lovely ladies and funny guys and skits that took our minds off everything that wasn’t funny over there. Thanks Fox for your efforts, and my hat’s off to your people. Great Job!

A pro game on Thursday and it is not Thanksgiving. Is it possible the NFL wants us to buy their channel? That would be too tacky! Well, we might as well watch, as the 49ers are a slim 3-point favorite, and I like the fire their new coach has incited. I’ll lay the 3 and take SF.

We might as well stay on the pros: Tennessee over the visiting Bills. The Titans have found new life in Vince Young at QB, and they are on a roll. Lay the 6, and watch Young. When he’s right, he’s more fun than Vick in his prime.

The Saints are visiting the Rams, who have yet to score much, but what better team to do it against. Go over anything around 50.

The Falcons at Carolina should be a pick and will likely end that way. QB Ryan of Atlanta not only has a good passing game, but their running game is as good as anybody’s. Take Atlanta.

If you bet on the Kansas City vs. Oakland game you are sicker than I am. They shouldn’t even sell tickets for this one; it surely will be blacked out in Oakland.

Sunday night we get a treat with the Pats visiting the Colts. This should be a great game, as the Pats getting 3 may beat Payton straight up.

The Monday night game leaves much to be desired, and is similar to KC vs. Oakland. But it would be un-American not to bet on Monday night. I just don’t know who to bet, with the visiting Ravens giving 10½ to the hosting Browns.

In college football, Iowa and Ohio State had at one point this season aspirations of representing the Big 10 in the BCS Championship. Now it’s become apparent that neither will be there, and may not remain in the top 10 of the BCS. Having said that, Ohio State has a chance of being in the mix with a decisive victory over Iowa this week. The turnover-plagued Hawkeyes have probably lost their first string QB Stanzi and his replacement doesn’t look ready. My guess is that getting 13½ still won’t be enough for Iowa to get the money. Lay it or don’t play it.

If Georgia Tech does its homework and studies Duke’s futile effort of last week, covering 10 should be no problem for the Rambling Wrecks. Tech -10.

Here’s your blowout play of the week: BYU -27 as a visitor to New Mexico. They likely will cover the spread by half, as the mercy rule may be invoked. Oh, that’ softball!

Have a great week.

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