NBA report: It can only get worse!

Nov 17, 2009 5:11 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

A constructive evaluation of the first few weeks of the NBA seems in order. As bad of a start the league has given the fans, I assure you it will get worse. Seven teams have a combined 11 wins and 55 losses. Their 11 wins are somewhat tainted, as a least a few must have been vs. each other.

The talent distribution throughout the league is absurd. How can one explain the world champs acquiring another top 15 player in Artest to go along with Kobe & Co? Not to mention last year’s acquisition of Gasol by the Lakers from an inept Minnesota for nothing.

It not only doesn’t make sense, but it figures to decrease attendance, as the bottom feeders have discovered. An example of this is Philly, a great sports town, drew 10,738 last Friday night for its contest with Utah. Their capacity is 20,318. So, an NBA game was played before a half full crowd without any other sports events that night. They likely had 3,000 or so less in the arena, as season ticket holders are counted regardless if they show or not.

And this is a big league city. What chance do Memphis, Charlotte and Minnesota have of maintaining high attendance, as the season plays out? These three cities are currently 5 and 22, with no chance of improving much.

The future looks dimmer as next year superstar players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and others may sign with different, or worse yet, the same teams as they become free agents, and somehow the teams find a way to get under the salary caps. It’s all George Steinbrenner’s fault.

Let’s start the week of college football early, by playing Central Michigan as they visit Ball State. Anything around 60 should be a play over, as their QB is super and should be able to score at will.

Boise State on Friday came out -24½, as a visitor to Utah State. The Utes are not a bad team, and should keep Boise within that range. Utah State +24½.

On Saturday Wisconsin visits Northwestern and is a slim 6-point favorite. I’ll lay anything under a TD.

Rutgers at Syracuse seems like a misprint at only -8. Syracuse has very little and Rutgers appears to be the better team, even on the road. Rutgers -8.

In South Bend this week the Irish entertain Connecticut, and are laying less than a TD. If Weis can’t cover this week, they may fire him, and they should.

Oregon at Arizona should be a high scoring contest and getting +5½ for the home Wildcats should not be enough for an Oregon team that has speed to burn on both sides of the line. Oregon minus the points.

In the pros, the 49ers and Packers should go under 43½. They both have good defenses and try to emphasize the run. Under 43½.

Dallas came out -12½, which may go up, but even at that the Skins are playing better and the Cowboys are playing worse. Skins +12½.

The Sunday night game should be interesting as the Eagles, - 2, are a short favorite over home Bears. The blitzing Eagle front line should create turnovers and the famous Bear defense is no longer famous any more. Eagles - 2.

Have a great week.

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