‘Heat of the moment’ in NFL betting can be fun-filled

Nov 17, 2009 5:05 PM
Vaccaro’s Views by Jimmy Vaccaro |

A couple of items on this week’s menu: one is something you’ll hear about ad nausea, and the other will disappear like your money-line Patriot’s ticket.

With the entire free world watching on Sunday night, Belichick goes for it on 4th and two at his own 28-yard line.

I surely would not put that in any Top 10 bad call list, as has been ordained by the Monday morning talk show hosts.

First of all, Belichick has done this before and when it succeeds not a whimper. But in this case it did not.

But without Faulk bobbling the catch and an extremely good effort by the Colts defender, the Patriots win!

If they would have punted, naturally it would have been harder for the Colts to score on a long field, but they had Manning, momentum, and a manageable amount of time.

Remember, you would not have been punting to Jason Campbell or Trent Edwards, so to me the decision was surely livable.

One that won’t be talked about was on Saturday with Iowa playing Ohio State. Down 14 in the fourth quarter, Iowa makes an improbable comeback to tie the score against the Buckeyes and gets the ball back with 49 seconds on their own 32.

With a silent crowd and Ohio State playing on its heels, Coach Ferentz decides to run the clock out and go into overtime.

Ohio State regroups and Iowa gets the ball and proceeds to go backwards for four plays. Of course, the soccer kid boots it through for Ohio State.

You must try to advance the ball, or at least throw three passes downfield and try to at least get the interference call.

The point being it’s all bad game and clock management. And they all try to justify by giving you the "heat of the moment" line and when they spell it out, their "logic" does not fit the argument.

Here’s a "heat of the moment" situation I think everybody can understand: You have $800 in your pocket with Thanksgiving and Christmas closing in. You missed the +3 that was floating around on the PATS so the next logical choice is to take the money line.

Now, that is the heat of the moment.

So, tell coach Ferentz that on Monday morning his life has not changed that dramatically, but plans for the next month with you have slumped into survival mode.

And finally you can take all that pomp and circumstance that includes the cable networks, entertainers and athletes, and poll questions to pump up the interest in football.

But, really, it needs none of that. The game has been building on its merits, including the ending of Sunday night’s game, to make it the biggest spectacle sport this country has ever experienced.

What ad or idea or promotion could have topped the last two minutes of that game? The answer is simply no.

Buckle up as we are only half-way through the season.

Take care, Jimmy V

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