NFL Football: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans - 11-23-09

Nov 23, 2009 8:04 PM
by GT Staff |

NFL football:

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans -4½: This is a key game for Houston, which hopes to put together some semblance of a run for the playoffs, something the franchise has never achieved. They have had 15 days to ponder a tough loss against the Colts, but they should come out focused. The Titans continue to be an enigma as they’ve won three straight with Vince Young at quarterback, much to coach Jeff Fisher’s chagrin. But, Tennessee has also begun getting key players back from injuries, especially on the defensive side, which has helped the team’s play dramatically. Also, Chris Johnson has emerged as the premiere running back in the league, and if he can move the chains, the Titans will be able to stay within this number with a shot at the outright win. Tennessee +4½