NFL's Favre an inspiration to us ‘older’ guys

Nov 24, 2009 4:58 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

It was only a few months ago many were berating Brett Favre, myself included. He’s done – stick a fork in him – he was sub par with the Jets – the Packers don’t want him, etc.

The facts are that he still shuffles in the pocket and buys time a la Fran Tarkinton and throws accurate bullets like Dan Marino did and currently he’s the best in the game. (One might argue for Brady, Brees and Manning.) For those of us over the hill, he gives us inspiration to hang in there. Thanks Brett!

Here it is, Thanksgiving already, ah how time flies when you’re having fun. The next time you turn around, pitchers and catchers will be reporting for spring training.

On the college menu, there are many big matchups this week, featuring big rivalries, like Auburn-Alabama, UCLA-USC, Arizona-Arizona State, Washington State-Washington and many others. These are good games to avoid betting, as stats and past performances do not hold up due to emotional factors that normally even each other out. These games are fun to watch, but dangerous to bet, so let’s just look at a few other games.

Colorado State -3 over Wyoming, as both teams are beat up by now, so a short favorite may endure here. Colorado -3.

Temple has played well this season, much to my surprise, and should cover a field goal at Ohio.

The passing of SMU should be able to cover 17 points against hapless Tulane. Coach Jones has taken his aerial circus to Texas from Hawaii.

Fortunately we have another bail out game late Saturday night as Navy visits Hawaii. The Rainbows won’t be able to stop Navy’s running game, so it’s Navy -7 and over.

Is it possible that this past Sunday the Lions, Chiefs and Raiders won straight up? Wow, what a money line parlay that would have been.

Thursday night, while you fill up on turkey, you may want to watch the Giants beat up on a depleted Bronco team. Lay -4 and take the Giants.

Incidentally, at the same time, Texas is visiting Texas A&M and that surely will be a high scoring contest.

The high flying Bengals coming off an embarrassing loss to Oakland will be hosting the Browns, and may try to bury Quinn and company. Lay the wood or pass the game.

The Rams and Seahawks will battle inside a dome, and 42½ seems like a can do number. OVER.

The Monday night game is as good as it gets. The Saints came out -3, a number which will go higher. I’ve got to take Brady if I can get 3½ or 4 in a mega high scoring game. Pats plus the points.

Have a great week.

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