Dogs continue to run wild in NFL

Nov 24, 2009 5:09 PM
Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

We continue to lap up this extended dog run. Actually, it’s become a domination of the favorites, as the doggies covered nine point spreads last Sunday while winning three games straight up.

This is the third straight week the underdogs have won the majority of the money for their backers.

The favorites made me cry all the way to the bank the first 2 months of the season. But someone let the dogs out in November. No more whining from this corner. The dogs have stuffed the wallets of their faithful over the last 3 weeks. Here’s hoping you will all enjoy the sweet taste of that same stuffing during your Thanksgiving holiday weekend!


Packers -10 at Lions: Lions still high as a kite after last second win over the Brownies. I am making this pick with the assumption that Stafford will play in this game. An X-ray of his shoulder was negative after the game but an MRI will be the indicator of whether or not the rookie will be able to go on Turkey Day. Packers lost LB Aaron Kampman and CB Al Harris to knee injuries during the win over San Francisco and the injuries didn’t look good after the game. I’m going for the drumsticks and the dog in this early Turkey Day special. LIONS.

Raiders +14 at Cowboys: I don’t think there’s a doubt in the world about the Cowboys being the better team. But how can you pass on 14 points? That’s like passing on the gravy and mashed potatoes, or the stuffing on Thanksgiving. You just don’t do it. I’m taking the dog and I’m also going to dig into the green bean casserole. RAIDERS.

Giants -5½ at Broncos: The Chris Simms experiment lasted all of 3 series. Denver is in big trouble after dropping their fourth straight game. The Broncos opened the season 6-0, but not only have officially come back to earth, they’re also currently 6 feet underground. Eli Manning heated up against Atlanta but I think the G-men are vulnerable in this game. Denver is a junkyard home dog that’s got their back against the wall and is in a nasty mood. Giants aren’t running the ball well enough for me to feel comfortable laying this big a number. BRONCOS.


Bucs +12 at Falcons: I’m not going to dump the Bucs after one horrible game. They’ve been pretty good since their bye against the big point spreads they’ve been dealt. Packers beat them by 10 and the Fish only won by 2. So I’m going to look past the debacle with the Saints and give Josh Freeman another shot to win the money. Jason Snelling filled in nicely for Michael Turner but as much as I tried I can’t ignore all those points. BUCS.

Dolphins -3 at Bills: The Fish destroyed the Bills earlier in the season. Miami has solidified since then while the Bills continue to suffer injuries. Guards Eric Wood and Seth McKinney left Sunday’s game and didn’t return. Marshawn Lynch and DT John McCargo also went the same route. Ricky Williams looks like he’s ready for the challenge of losing Ronnie Brown. DOLPHINS.

Browns +14 at Bengals: Is it my imagination or does Eric Mangini’s head look like it wants to explode? Browns should have beaten the Lions. Brady Quinn finally looked like the player they thought they had drafted. Bengals allowed the Raiders to score more points in the final 41 seconds than they had averaged per game for the entire season! Bengals probably will win this game but I would not bet on them winning the money. Bernard Scott filled in nicely at RB for Cedric Benson but he was sorely missed on the kick return team. BROWNS.

Colts -3 at Texans: I love the dogs and I love home dogs even better. But I can’t buck the trend here. Colts are 10-0 this season with 8 straight road wins and 19 straight regular season wins under their belt. Garcon! Garcon! Check please, Pierre. We’re late for the Super Bowl! COLTS.

Bears +10 at Vikings: Favre completed 88 percent of his passes last week with 4 TD passes to 4 different players! I’m sure by now Da Bears are really sick of hearing how great the Vikes are and how bad the Bears are playing so far this season. It is of course not that big a lie, but the oddsmakers are giving too many points away to the dawg here. BEARS.

Panthers +3 at Jets: If Rex Ryan cried last week, what’s that leave for this week, a nervous breakdown? If Rex can hold back his tears I actually think the Jets may be able to get the job done this week. Sanchez can’t turn the ball over 5 times like he did against the Pats. I’m giving the home team the nod here with a relatively low number to cover. JETS.

Skins +9 at Eagles: The Skins are down to their third string RB but they haven’t given up. You have to admire the Skins for hanging tough in the middle of a disaster. After upsetting Denver they nearly beat Dallas, and that would have been a win if not for 2 missed field goals.The Skins will be down to their fourth string RB. I’m not sure they have enough points to give the Skins here. EAGLES.

Seahawks -3 at Rams: I can find more positive things to say about the 1-9 Rams than I can about the 3-7 Seahawks. Seattle shut the Rams out on week 1, 28-zip. I believe the Rams have improved since then and the Seahawks haven’t found anything close to improvement. In fact, the Seahawks have lost 4 of their last 5 with only win coming against the Lions. RAMS.

Cards +1 at Titans: Cards 5-0 on the road this season. It’s a first for the Cards since 1948. Kurt Warner left the game against St. Louis after a blow to the head. I’m not sure of the status at this early date but I’m on the home team whether he goes or not. TITANS.

Chiefs +13 at Chargers: Even the Chiefs didn’t believe they could upset the Steelers. But the Chargers on consecutive Sundays? Stranger things have happened, you never know. But one thing I know for sure is that this is too many points to lay when the opposition has a QB as protective of turnovers as Cassel. CHIEFS.

Jaguars +4½ at 49ers: Jags got off to an 0-2 start but look at the turnaround now. They’ve won 6 of their last 8 games. Five wins have been by 7 points or less and the last 4 have been by 3 points or less. But a win is a win. And a winner plus the points is always a good thing. JAGS.

Steelers -2 at Ravens: When Mike Tomlin talks, I listen. He’s a very convincing guy and I believe him when he says he’s going to get his team better prepared. But I can’t take Pittsburgh without knowing the status of Big Ben’s potential concussion. Steelers were also missing Polamula against the Chiefs and Pittsburgh is now 2-3 without him in the line-up. RAVENS.

Patriots +3 at Saints: I’m big on not bucking trends. And the Saints are on as hot of a trend as I’ve seen all season. The Saints have all the weapons and Drew Brees will be trying to show the nation he’s every bit as good as Tom Brady. Pats’ defense has shown their vulnerability versus the Colts. SAINTS.


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