Bally’s Millionaire 777’s put Regis to shame!

Jul 10, 2001 12:13 AM

Bally Gaming has a new slot machine, Millionaire 777’s that’s being billed as The New Gold Standard for $1 progressive slots.

So far, no one is arguing.

Imagine how exciting would a slot machine be if players had a chance to win $1 million every 107 spins?

Or if the game was designed to pay out the million-dollar top award once every 51 days?

With 500 games on the link and maximum coins played, that is theoretically how it works on Millionaire 777s, the new wide-area progressive game from Bally’s Thrillions system. Featuring the instantly recognizable Blazing 777s graphics, Millionaire 777s capitalizes on the current entertainment craze of climbing step by step from one monetary level to another toward a million-dollar payday.

Millionaire 777s, the latest wide-area progressive game from Alliance Gaming Corporation’s Bally Gaming and Systems unit, has been successfully deployed in Nevada casinos. Initially installed in early May at five Park Place Entertainment properties in Las Vegas, Millionaire 777s offers a jackpot that resets at $1 million.

With the “jackpot ladder” that rewards players for each successive bonus respin of the reels, the game showcases the Blazing 777s theme that is among the most successful slot models Bally Gaming has ever introduced.

With the $1 million reset value, Bally Gaming’s Thrillions® progressive system now offers players in Nevada a life-changing top award along with low-end (Blondie - $25,000) and mid-range (Betty Boop - $100,000) jackpots.

Millionaire 777s is also scheduled to be introduced in New Jersey, Native American casinos and Mississippi in the coming months. Recapping, Millionaire 777s offers a range of value for slot players:

”¡Player has the theoretical chance at the $1 million jackpot once every 107 plays.

”¡Bonus mode rewards player with one move toward $1 million with each re-spin.

”¡Millionaire 777s received the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products Award for 2001.

”¡Features the instantly recognizable Blazing 777s game graphics.

”¡Attracts players with its dazzling gold top-box display of lights and motion.

Another great slot game from Bally is the “Blondie” series, based on the popular comic strip, which it uses in its mid-range Thrillions wide-area progressive slot series.

Bally initially introduced three game versions ”” Meal Ticket, Big Spender and Big Dough ”” which will target the mid-range progressive market. With a jackpot reset value of $25,000, the games are designed to pay out the top award approximately every two days when fully deployed.

The Blondie slot follows on the heals of the popular Betty Boop’s Big Hit, which has a $100,000 jackpot reset value and has hit on average every two weeks for the last year.

Betty Boop has allowed Bally Gaming to install its Thrillions link in seven distinct markets; among them is the national Native American link which includes the lucrative markets of both Connecticut and California.

One of the most popular comic strips in history, Blondie appears in more than 2,300 newspapers and reaches 290 million daily worldwide readers in 35 languages who follow the humorous exploits of Dagwood Bumstead and a colorful cast of characters.

First appearing in 1930, the Blondie strip recently celebrated its 70th anniversary as an American institution.