College football Bowls -- bowling for bucks

Dec 8, 2009 5:04 PM
Vaccaro’s Views by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Well, it all starts on Dec. 19 with Wyoming and Fresno (how about that Fresno/Illinois ending on Saturday?) in the infamous New Mexico Bowl, and winding up in Pasadena on Jan. 7 with Alabama versus Texas, in a match-up that almost did not happen.

I would much rather have had the clock run out on Colt and crew to set up a different and more intriguing scenario. They would have had to split Boise and TCU up, which would have made two better games as, opposed to Boise and TCU duking it out to pacify the NCAA and its selection committee.

Betting ideas and the way to get to winners are as old and time tested as any other betting propositions. You will hear that the Big 10 – having their season end early – will have to wait between 45 and 50 days to take the field. The old rest or rust will have an effect on their performance.

Or you’ll hear how a conference played out in their non-conference schedule during the course of the season. Or how about who travels well and will a team actually like the slot they received in correlation to the year they had?

How about this scenario and will it shine this year as it did last year: Last year it was Alabama playing for the right to meet in the championship game – they lost to Florida and then went on to get embarrassed by an undefeated Utah team that was out to prove a point.

Florida is now playing that same role as a team that early on was considered one of the best teams ever assembled and after taking one to the midsection on Saturday will be taking on an undefeated Cincy outfit who will definitely have more of a purpose.

But always remember if you play in an early bowl game, you will always run into the "suspension" game situation. I believe mid-term grades for higher institutions of learning come out a week before Christmas break, and some of the athletes are more worried about their careers as opposed to grades; thus they could find themselves in the stands as opposed to on the field because of the I have been on both ends of that spot and you feel good when you take a position then to find out five starters from your team are out. Granted, it can work both ways but it feels like you’re always on the wrong side of that equation.

You history buffs out there – it was Arkansas versus Oklahoma that had numerous suspensions on the underdog Arkansas side, but the Hogs still ended up pulling the upset against the Sooners.

It’s understandable about all the hype for the GMAC Bowl between Troy and Central Michigan, even though they won’t get as much air time as the Texas/Alabama game.

But it still pays the same if you pick the winner. The homework here is more of just paying attention to what transpires everyday for the next three weeks and you should have an enjoyable bowl season.

By the way, whatever happened to the POULAN WEEDEATER BOWL?

Take care, Jimmy V.

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