‘Silver Eagle’ folds his final poker hand

Dec 15, 2009 5:05 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

Bob Thompson was true ‘good guy’ of poker

It is with much sadness that we Tip our Hats to our late friend, "The Silver Eagle," Bob Thompson, who folded his last hand on Sunday Dec. 6.

But it is with great joy that we remember his life over the past 40 odd years that we have had the opportunity to be friends with Bob and his wife Diane and the Thompson family.

Bob was known to thousands of poker players all over the world as The Silver Eagle.

He was a member in good standing of "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker / Poker Players Hall of Fame. And Bob was honored by "The Seniors" WCOP/Poker Hall of Fame as its first Steward of Poker.

Bob served for many years as the tournament director of "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker tournaments.

In 2001 I made a deal with The World Series of Poker to bring "The Seniors" WCOP and its Hall of Fame to the WSOP.

One of my requirements was that our friend "The Silver Eagle" would be the director of the Inaugural of Seniors at The Series.

Bob created the first poker cruise tournaments and we were pleased to be with him and Robin Powell on many of the very first poker tournament cruises. Bob later sold his interest in the poker cruise business to Card Player magazine at that time owned by June and Phil Fields.

For many years Carol, you and I and our family enjoyed cruising with Bob and Diane and June and Phil Fields and the thousands of poker friends who enjoyed going with us on cruises around the poker world.

June and Phil Fields sold Card Player to Linda Johnson and some of her friends and Bob moved over to the Poker Digest which was created by June and Phil and Bob again became the tournament director of poker cruises.

In addition, Bob was a great writer of poker columns for all the poker media.

I had the honor some 30 odd years ago to serve with Don Williams, The World’s Best Unknown Poker Player, and Pat Callahan as the three hosts that Bob hired for his poker room while he was poker room manager of the Dunes.

The Dunes was imploded to make way for the Bellagio and the new CityCenter complex of hotels, shops and casinos.

Bob was always the innovator and created a tournament called "The Tournament of Champions" which was hosted by me, Oklahoma Johnny.

Bob was also the poker room manager of many other poker rooms. I remember playing with Bob when he was the poker room manager and tournament director of the Stairway to the Stars in the old Stardust, which has also been blown down to make room for Boyd’s multi-billion dollar resort complex, Echelon Place.

So it is with a Tip of the Hat that we salute a great friend, a great poker director of "The Seniors" WCOP, The Stairway to the Stars, The Tournament of Champions and many other poker tournaments, as well as being the only father and daughter team (Cathy Woods and Bob Thompson} to ever manage and direct the World Series of Poker Tournament at the old Binion’s Horseshoe in beautiful downtown Las Vegas.

You are invited to www.ok-j.com then go to "The Seniors" WCOP/HOF room, where if you click on Bob Thomson you will see other details about Bob!

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I know some of you remember some of the days with Bob and poker in Las Vegas and on the cruise ships.

So here is the tip that will help you get a ticket to the big tournament in the sky.

Do unto other poker players as you would have them do unto you!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.

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