Stations offers trip to Del Mar

Jul 10, 2001 4:45 AM

Santa Fe and Texas Station will run a seven-week promotion at their sports books worth $28,000 to race players beginning Friday at 10 a.m.

To qualify, players will be issued tickets based on their wagers. The bets can be made on any race at any track offered at Santa Fe or Texas Station, including thoroughbred, harness and dog tracks. “Twin Q” wagers also qualify.

Customers will also receive two drawing tickets for every winning ticket cashed. Bettors are eligible to receive just two tickets even if the same wager is made two or more times. Writers will issue tickets at the time of the transaction.

Players may earn tickets from the beginning of business Friday through the end of business the following Thursday. Customers for that week’s drawing will place the tickets in a locked and controlled drum.

After the winning tickets are drawn, the drum will be emptied and those tickets not drawn will be disposed and not eligible for subsequent drawings. There will be 32 tickets drawn at each property and paid out to the person holding the matching half.

The first ticket drawn will receive $500 or a trip to Del Mar Racetrack. The second ticket drawn is worth $250. The next five tickets are worth $100 each. The following five tickets are worth $50. The next 20 tickets are worth $25 apiece.

Tickets for the weekly drawing per transaction will be issued as follows:

One ticket ””$10-19.
Two tickets ”” $20-29
Three tickets ”” $30-39
Four tickets ”” $40-49
Five tickets ”” $50-59
Six tickets ”” $60-69
Seven tickets ”” $70-79
Eight tickets ”” $80-89
Nine tickets ”” $90-99
Ten tickets — (max.) $100-up