Pay attention to those sports bookmakers!

Dec 15, 2009 5:02 PM
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Mark Ingram stepped to the microphone on Saturday and showed great humility in accepting the HEISMAN TROPHY in a five-way race that drew a large audience and generated great water cooler talk.

But the truth of the matter is that some off-shore books had him the winner from a co-favorite to almost an out-price.

The point of this exercise always comes back to bookmakers and oddsmakers, who truly understand the process and the public sentiment, more so than any paid consultant or an on-air analyst who lives in a swirl of media hype. Anybody who has any sense of picking winners would have told Tim Tebow to save some gas money and go to Disney World instead of New York.

But this is only one small example and I could cite many more but I am sure the picture is getting clear. The last presidential race which drew enormous coverage and enormous costs should and could have been settled in September as opposed to November.

You saw numbers from established legal books in Europe that had Obama six furlongs in front and one smaller operation that was willing to settle on 50 cents on the dollar to cash in their betting slip. I understand as well as anyone that they still have to go around the track but the people who have been making these types of betting propositions simply "get it" and the news media does not.

I do not have to name names but the major cable networks with all of their experts really, as much as they would like to think they understand, would fall flat on their collective faces if they ever had to put a number next to rational.

Listen closely and see how they mire themselves in double talk and wiggle out by saying "I could be wrong." Can I switch channels? The answer is yes.

Some people need coffee to get them started; I guess this is my alarm clock.

Going back to the top – we sensationalize like no other time in history and we spend countless hours and money whereas a click onto the "screen" could give us all the information we need.

It is a bit funny when the Europeans and some people in Costa Rica told us months before the election who our next president was going to be.

How many times will you hear this familiar banter for the next month: it looks like a shoe-in to have the Colts and Saints to meet in the Super Bowl. But don’t count out the Chargers as they seem to have gotten their act together, and remember Favre finally has a running back and Aaron Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder.

The Cardinals are a team no one is talking about and they all nod in cadence but nobody wants to play the Patriots. What they have done is given you one answer with 27 different variables.

Mike and Mike in the morning could be Buzz and Bill or Ozzie and Harriet and it would not miss a beat with their analysis of the outcome on anything.

By the way I like the Raiders in Super Bowl 50. And it did not cost you a dime.

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