Casino-expansion bill could get OK from Pa. House

Dec 15, 2009 7:01 PM
Staff & Wire Reports |

A bill to expand casino gambling in Pennsylvania could get final approval shortly from the state House of Representatives, although it faces changes in the Senate.

The bill is on Tuesday's House calendar, a day after a key amendment narrowly won chamber approval.

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The measure would raise the state's number of casino licenses from 14 to 15 and legalize table games at Pennsylvania's slot-machine casinos.

The legislation is a key piece of October's budget agreement and is designed to raise additional revenue to help state government shore up its recession-ravaged tax collections.

However, Gov. Ed Rendell says he never imagined it would take so long for the Legislature to pass a bill.

Opponents say it is full of favors for casino owners and the pet causes of some lawmakers.

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