Donny’s hot, Carmen is incendiary!

Jul 17, 2001 1:52 AM

Donny Osmond just finished a run at New York-New York, and what a run it was! To start with, Donny arrived in town with the flu and had to cancel his interviews and public appearances, as well as a planned jaunt to see the Blue Man Group.

Nevertheless, he performed brilliantly on opening night, charming the audience and wowing the crowd. At one point, he sat on the edge of the stage, chatting with members of the audience, many of which (at least in the first few rows) were members of the press.

Overall, everyone was blown away by his voice, and the videos of him as a child were a nice touch. His repertoire ranged from his original hits to a dynamic number from the hit show, “Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

The show was over much too soon. Afterward, we learned that Donny was too ill to greet anyone backstage, and that he had to cancel the second late show.

My spies tell me that the next night, the top brass from the MGM Grand came to see the show. Coupled with the fact that Donny is moving to Las Vegas, one could make the case that MGM is sizing Donny up as the new lead in EFX. Remember, you heard it hear first. Stay tuned.

Coming soon is the Broadway musical, Chicago, which is headed for The Venetian’s C2K showroom. It will share the room with Robert Goulet and Melinda: The First Lady of Magic. You recall that Chicago had limited success when it ran at Mandalay Bay.

Also on the radar screen (yipes!) is Carmen Electra, who will star in a new show, Lumiere, at the Aladdin. The production will feature Carmen’s singing, dancing and oozing of sensuality in a show that will also feature illusions and special effects.

Believe me, Carmen is no illusion. She hosted a press luncheon last week and was simply divine. What a beautiful woman: she’s tiny, barely five feet tall, and she has those limpid pools for eyes that can melt your heart.

The Aladdin’s new showroom will begin construction in a few weeks with completion scheduled for early next year. A unique aspect of the show is that it converts into a nightclub after the show ends! Stay tuned for the details.

The male lead of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, has left the show. Mark Smith, who also previously starred in the Notre Dame production at Paris, is reprising his role in the London company version of Notre Dame. Good luck to Mark, he did a good job, which became more difficult after his former co-star, Janien Masse left to co-star with Clint Holmes at Harrah’s.

Speaking of Janien, she’s been captivating crowds with Clint at Harrah’s. She told me she is about to cut a new CD. Great work, Janien! If you haven’t seen this pair of performers together, make the trip. It’s well worth it.

Also doing well is Sheena Easton at the Las Vegas Hilton. She has been generating great business at the Nightclub, and she will probably be moved into the Hilton’s larger showroom.

Also picking up steam is De La Guarda at The Rio. Apparently, it has appeal to the summer tourist crowd, who don’t mind getting wet!

Congratulations to the newest parents to be, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Their union brings a new meaning to Love 30, or at least Deuce!

Finally, there’s been a revival of sorts of the old time Supper Show. The latest to open is “Return to the Sands: An Evening with Dean, Frank and Friends,” at the venerable Philips Supper Club on west Sahara Avenue.

The show will be stage in the remodeled restaurant’s Tower Showroom. Expect a first class show as the star has portrayed Frank in Atlantic City.

Another show that just opened at the Alexis Park Resort is Ba-Da-Bing, a “Surprise Birthday Party for Mr. Big, the Godfather of Las Vegas.”

The two shows join the long running “Marriage Can Be Murder,” a mystery dinner show that involves the audience in the melodrama. The show has been running for months at the Egg and I (also on west Sahara), and there’s no sign they’re running out of crime plots!