New system facilitates slot’s soft count

Jul 17, 2001 5:56 AM

Las Vegas-based VendingData Corporation recently unveiled its new “soft count” tracking product line.

The Soft Count Tracking Module will electronically track and account for every bill canister in the casino. The system includes enhanced electronics inside the slot machine and specially designed carts that accept the bill canisters, secure the currency and gather the electronically stored information all at once.

“The development of our new soft currency system completes our family of slot revenue tracking products, which allow us to give gaming operators a more complete solution for monitoring slot revenues,” said Steven J. Blad, president and CEO of VendingData. “We are currently offering pre-manufacturing pricing on the soft currency products which we intend to roll out in the third quarter of 2001.”

In addition to electronically tracing and securing canisters on the casino floor and in the count room, the Soft Count Module eliminates all manually-entered data, reduces canister and currency handling, saves time and reduces labor, eliminates barcodes and slips, and protects canisters from theft. The Soft Count Module is designed to work with all bill acceptor models.

The Soft Count system joins VendingData’s Hard Count system, in which the process of “harvesting” buckets full of coins each morning is eliminated. At the heart of the system is the Secure Drop Mobile Scale System that includes an electronic weighing device that quickly and accurately records the coin count and weight from each machine.

The Secure Drop also includes a vault that secures the coins, thus eliminating the hundreds of pounds of coin buckets normally associated with hard-count collections.

VendingData’s Secure Drop product line give gaming operators a more complete solution for monitoring slot revenues by helping to improve accounting accuracy, reduce labor and reduce losses due to theft by electronically tracking all slot drop buckets, electronically measuring slot revenues and bringing a portable count room to the slot floor.

The Secure Drop Systems are currently under contract in more than 40 domestic and international casinos.