Small casino subject of big sale rumors

Jul 24, 2001 4:40 AM

Danny’s Slot Country, a small casino out on Boulder Highway, is the middle of some pretty big rumors these days.

Former Las Vegas City Councilman Matt Callister is reportedly interested in buying into the 75-slot casino. His mother currently owns a 25 percent share she inherited when Callister’s father, Bob, died two years ago.

The three other partners are Don Bolstad, Bolstad’s brother who lives in Virginia, and Carl Shriver.

Callister told GamingToday that no formal offer is pending and he preferred that no story be written about a possible sale at this time. “It will just inflate the price,’’ he said.

Sources say that Callister, with his mother’s connection, would have the inside track on any purchase of the 20-year-old casino.

Bolstad, a 25-year veteran of the local gaming business, confirmed that no sale is imminent ”” but said he is willing to deal on Danny’s, which reportedly grosses $100,000 a week. “Lots of people have approached me but everyone wants to buy on time. Show me a lot of money and everything is for sale,’’ he said.

Another player rumored to be in the mix is former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones. Jones, a close friend of Callister and a vice president at Harrah’s Entertainment, laughed when asked about her interest in Danny’s.

Denying any involvement, she joked, “I’m sure Harrah’s would be shaking in its boots if I bought it.’’ Her no-compete clause with the casino company does not extend to the Boulder Strip.

Speaking of a potential Jones deal, one industry source noted dryly, “I think she could afford it.’’

Jones recently filed to sell 17,000 shares of Harrah’s stock worth about $640,000.