Keep names short!

Feb 12, 2008 10:02 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | This past Sunday, the Pro Bowl was on with the AFC failing to cover as a 3-point favorite. Iím not sure, but I did see one guy watching it on a small TV in the book.

The Grammys were on for five minutes on my TV. I really did not understand much of what was going and knew nothing about the performers. As far as I am concerned ESPN should have had a special with the Grammys, the Pro Bowl, some NBA All-Star game reruns and a little paintball.

I do know that the Foo Fighters got best rock album. Are these guys fighting foo somewhere?

I really loved watching the Pro Bowl back when and the Grammyís were great at one time. Have you noticed how many people use three names? I really donít trust anyone with more than two. Remember John Wilkes Booth? There are just a ton of assassins and murderers in the past with three names.

Even in sports. What ever happened to Bill, Tom, Hank, Dick, Larry, Bob, and Willie? I loved Willie Mays, but they had to ruin that one with Willie Mays Hayes (played by Wesley Snipes) in that stupid Major League movie. Back when I was a huge baseball fan, I knew almost every player and position on every team.

They all had two names and none of them took steroids. They drank beer and one of my favorites was Bill Mazeroski, who played second base for the Pittsburgh Pirates and one of the best fielders of all time. The shortstop was Dick Groat and these two could really pull the double play. It was a beautiful sight.

Anyway "Maz" never met a fan that he wouldnít have a few beers with. He would drop in the old Washington Bar in Steubenville and buy everyone at the bar beers until he left. He had a little golf course in Tiltonsville down by the Ohio River and could always be found at the 19th hole downing a few with the fans.

Another favorite of mine was Detroit Lions QB Bobby Layne, who had a gut like Santa. He loved his beer and once was asked how he could play quarterback with a stomach that big. His answer was, "I donít throw the ball with my stomach."

In 1960, the Pirates had Elroy Face who had the amazing run in 1959 going 18-1. That was also the year the Harvey Haddix pitched himself into immortality tossing a perfect 12-inning game only to lose it on a Joe Adcock homer in the 13th inning. I actually listened to that game laying in bed with my dad Ben. The transistor radio was blaring and we cheered for Harvey.

As for today, the New York Mets should be arrested for highway robbery getting Johan Santana for next to nothing (four prospects). The trade is a joke. The Twins should be ashamed. They could have gotten Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy Ė two big league ready pitchers with starting experience.

Minnesota could also have dealt Santana to Boston and received Jacoby Ellsbury, a factor in the World Series playoff run and a capable replacement for Torii Hunter in centerfield for years. Oh well, thatís why they get paid the big bucks.

The Kentucky Derby is less than three months away but I am always looking for a good bet. I did make a future on a horse called Visionaire at 100-1.

Visionaire just finished third in this past Saturday in the Risen Star at the Fairgrounds running behind Pyro who just exploded down the lane coming from last to first winning going away in an eye-popping performance. But come that first Saturday in May, they will have to beat the undefeated War Pass.

By the way War Pass has earned a Beyer speed figure of 113 as a 2yo and that hasnít been done since Easy Goer in 1988. Currently Pyro is at 5-1 in the Pari-mutuel Futures Book, just ahead of War Pass at 6-1. The field is 3-1.

Hey, fix Santa Anita and give the regular players a break. Get rid of the drugs!