Indiana casino faulted for bet limits

Aug 6, 2001 11:24 PM

An investigation by the Indiana Gaming Commission has found that Belterra Casino violated a state gaming regulation when an employee restricted the amounts two men could bet at blackjack tables this summer.

The commission, however, decided, that it will not discipline the casino because the employee’s actions were not condoned by management and did not reflect a company policy.

The two Kentucky gamblers who filed the complaints in June and July have not yet said whether they intend to take further action.

Rudolph Vester, of Jeffersonvillle, and Richard Pace, of Okolona, filed separate complaints alleging that a riverboat employee had targeted them with lower betting limits when they began to win.

Under Kentucky gaming rules, a casino must post new signs detailing the bet limits at each table when they are changed. The boats are not allowed to single out an individual patron and limit bets. Any changes in limits must be extended to everyone at the table.

While the Gaming Commission confirmed the incidents, it also accepted the riverboat’s explanation that the employee misinterpreted a gaming regulation, according to Jennifer Arnold, the board’s director of external affairs.