Shoot for the Aces!
Try Bonus Poker, Double Bonus for best shot to win

Aug 7, 2001 1:01 AM

I’m not a Deuces Wild player. The reason? For one thing, there’s only two good hands to shoot for ”” deuces and the natural royal. If I hit four-of-a-kind without a deuce I feel cheated, and if Aces pop up in that manner it ruins my day. While the game may be exciting for many, it bores me, and it really is not a good fit into my play strategy at all.

Also, the fact that in the full-pay version it is one of the most positive games available if played perfectly approaching infinity does not matter in the least. I don’t expect to be sitting at a machine in the year 2525.

In addition, 9/6 Jacks or better fares nearly as bad on my chart of excitement, and I think we all know why.

During the past six months or so I’ve met many people ”” slot club cards in hand ”” who’ve lost thousands year after year on these games, chasing that tiny but elusive win percentage they’ve heard others have achieved. I call it the “Be Like Mike” syndrome. But there’s one huge difference: Mike’s not selling anything, and he’s always offered proof of his success. In other words, if I’m going to take a bath, I prefer it be with my own water.

Bonus Poker and all the advanced versions are the name of the game for me. Without these games my play strategy would not exist and could never have been developed. The bonuses attached to hitting quad 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s with or without kickers are very important, but I would have little if any success without the huge payouts for four Aces. And for my money, there are no games more exciting available today.

Although I have many variations to how I play certain hands within my strategy, generally if an Ace shows up it gets held. Quite a few times I make the mathematically incorrect plays with Aces, with occasional huge payout resulting. Similar to how a Deuces Wild player may at times hold just the deuce and wind up with four of them, I have exactly the same chance in the games I play with Aces. The big advantage I have, however, is that when I hit the Aces paying anywhere from 400 to 4,000 credits, the win is always pocketed as profit and never reinvested again during that particular trip, and more often than not sends me home attaining my win goal. It is, in short, a very powerful hand to my game.

Certainly some will say that not making the “expert” play every time will cost me so much per hour over time. But how much sense does stuff like that really make anyway? I’m not in town to make an hourly wage. I’m not concerned with what Einstein would have done. And I’m definitely not going to let any opportunities pass me by. I play to win each and every time I sit at a machine, and I usually do. Others may worry about barely discernible percentages, what those silly laminated cards tell you to do, or how the book says to play. I do not. I took my last test in school years ago. I’m in this place to gamble!