I told you Cher would play Caesars!

Feb 12, 2008 11:33 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | Months ago, well for sure it was weeks ago, I made the announcement that Cher would be appearing at Caesars Colisseum. Now the whole world knows with the news release made by Cher on Thursday.

Names won’t be mentioned, but several columnists said I was wrong when I said Cher was going to sign. Here’s to the doubters of The Full Monti. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na Na Na (hey hey hey, goodbye).

My sources always said that Cher would be appearing at the Colisseum as would the Divine Miss M. Both bring unique styles, extravagant and campy, showbiz hoopla. Cher promises to bring us a show like no other. It’s good to be in your 60s after all, especially when you’re making $50 or $60 million each like these diva darlings.

Monti Rock III would only have cost Caesars $200. Just a thought to the buyers, producers and directors. I’m still standing in the wings waiting for my closeup and comeback.

Don’t forget that headliners like Sir Elton John and Jerry Seinfeld will continue to add to the Colisseum, but the big buzz is about the Dueling Divas. We welcome the Divas to Las Vegas and we wish them the best.

It’s incredible to hear, and impossible to understand, but Jay-Z announced he refuses to pop the cork on Cristal Champagne since derogatory remarks were made by a Cristal source concerning the hip hop world. Seems it’s only Dom Perignon these days. We should all have such concerns. Sounds like it’s not just the champagne that’s flowing. Too high for my taste anyway.

In the Britney watch, she’s driving around endlessly again. This girl needs help.

There’s a lot of rumbling at the Sahara about the Amazing Johnathan and his exit. Following his abrupt departure, it seems he will soon be opening at Planet Hollywood in the Krave Lounge

Also, the Mega Bubble Show will be opening at Steve Wyrick’s Miracle Mile at the Venetian on the same night Toxic Audio opens at the V Theatre. Redneck Tenors opens at The Luxor’s Atrium Showroom.

A "must see" is "An Evening with Dean and Friends" opening at the Riviera Bistro Theater. Tom Stevens is the definitive Dean Martin impersonator, who not only sounds like Dean, but also looks like him. Another opening is Dixie Dooley at the Royal Resort on Convention Center Drive. It’s magic, comedy and illusions, performed close-up.

Downtown, on the comeback trail, has the grand opening of the Golden Nugget’s Gold Diggers Club, which promises to be a star in the Las Vegas nightlife.

The new owners of the Moulin Rouge have come up with their plan to build a 41-story hotel and casino on the site the original infamous Moulin Rouge.

Roseanne Barr will be filling the opening at the Sahara left by the Amazing Johnathan. Roseanne has been considered a genius of sorts when it comes to comedy. In my opinion she needs some new material. Just a thought.

 The Fab Four Mania and Trent Carlini still continue to do incredible business at the Sahara. The theater that was originally built for Steve Wyrick was home to the Scintas and the Cuban Review at the Sahara. My show, Saturday Night Fever, had a long run at the Sahara, too.

Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian has Tina Walsh as one of the stars of the lead role. Tina’s talent was earlier displayed in EFX at the MGM and her outstanding role in Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay. Tina was forced to leave Mama Mia for health reasons but everyone is pleased she’s back performing in another great production.

Sounds like the Academy Awards will go on as scheduled even though some of the big after-parties have already cancelled due to the on-going writers’ strike. My spies tell me the talks have continued and an agreement could come as early as Wednesday.

Can’t help it, but I’m stuck and in love with American Idol. Can you believe it’s been seven years of Idol? Not only am I a fan, I’m glued to the tube for every show. I predict this will be the best season ever. The stories from these wannabe performers are heart-wrenching. Why couldn’t I think of that when I was up and coming?

The wonderful Zsa Zsa Gabor has just celebrated another birthday. She’s amazing!

Friends tell me the Purple Rain himself, Prince, has recently been seen cruising all around Los Angeles in his Rolls Royce. On the move I guess. Prince and his Rolls, Jay-Z and his champagne! Life can be hard for some.

Millions and millions of viewers were stunned with this year’s Super Bowl, one of the most watched features ever on television. Everyone had picked the New England Patriots so when the Giants came up winners, the only thing that piled up were the losses.

The Monte Carlo should be reopening very soon. Lance Burton’s show tentatively resumes Feb. 15. Lance has been entertaining hotel employees and others during this hiatus.

The Larry Ruvo Brain Institute fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease brought out many entertainers to help support this great cause. Among the celebs were Michael Buble, Teri Hatcher and Siegfried and Roy.

Our prayers and well wishes go to Freddie Bell, one of our best lounge performers, who is critically ill.

Alright, I give up. The secret is out. Not all of my good looks can be attributed only to my heritage. The ladies especially will want to meet Dr. Cameron Earl, plastic surgeon to this star!

It’s the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat.