Mark your ticket with a deuce on the loose

Aug 14, 2001 1:52 AM

Deuce play is irresistible to some of you (I don’t recommend it, but I do it myself sometimes for fun) but if you do want to win more often ””and who doesn’t ”” it’s a good strategy to pursue.  Since any particular deuce will come up about once every 16.6 games of Keno, we can be assured that if we play 15, 16 or 17 deuces on a ticket, we will, in the long run average about one deuce winner per draw.

This strategy will only work with six numbers or more, because even when playing all kings (one spots) a six spot will produce 15 deuces.  A five spot will produce only 10 deuces.

So, starting with the six spot, with a goal of playing 15, 16 or 17 deuces here is how you may proceed:

Six spot:  Mark six of your favorite numbers, and circle all of them in groups of one (kings.)  This will produce a one way six and 15 deuces.

Seven spot:  The closest you can come to your goal is by playing all seven as one spot, which will produce a 21 way deuce, or by playing five one spots and one solid deuce, which will produce a total of an 11 way deuce.  On the other hand, you may play six of your seven numbers (on a separate ticket) as groups of one, and this will result in a straight seven spot on one ticket and a 15 way deuce on the other.

Eight spot:  Play six kings and one solid deuce, which will result in a 16 way deuce.  Or you can play six of your eight numbers on a separate ticket as above and achieve a 15 way deuce.

Nine spot:  Play one solid three spot and six kings, which will result in a 15 way 2, or play the separate ticket as above with the same results.

Ten spot:  Play one solid four spot and six kings, or six separate kings for the same result as the nine spot.

Eleven spot:  Play one solid five spot and six kings, or six separate kings as above.

Twelve spot:  Play one solid six and six kings, or six separate kings as above with the same result (a 15 way deuce.) Or, if you want to play three separate tickets, play one 12-spot, one ticket with five kings on it, and one ticket with four kings on it, all selected from your 12. You will then have a total of a 16-way deuce.

Thirteen through 15 spots are best “deuced up” by using the second method as above.  Simply play the ticket as a straight ticket and on a separate ticket mark six of your numbers as kings (one spots.)

Way tickets may also be deuced by using the second method.  Suppose that you are playing a three way eight spot using 3 groups of 4, 12 numbers total.  Play this on one ticket, and on a second ticket play six of these 12 numbers as kings, for a 15 way deuce.

Well, That’s it for now!  Good Luck!  I’ll see you in line!