Rams, Packers should stand tall at home

Aug 14, 2001 4:08 AM

The second week of preseason games brings together a few interesting matches. These include the Friday night matchup between the Titans and the Rams at St. Louis and the Monday night fray between Denver and the Packers in Green Bay.

Rams 23, Titans 15: Battered Titans may just rest through this one. Especially McNair and George. Rams have a new defense and will show it off against the Titans. Just lay the points with the St. Louis Rams.

Packers 20, Broncos 13: History shows that the Packers like to sparkle before the home folks. Broncos more or less are a set team with a few edges to polish. Broncos will throw a minimum of three QBs at the Packers. This hurts the offense since there is no continuity. Going with the Green Bay Packers either as a pick’em or minus a couple of points.

Other games for Aug. 17-20:

Jaguars 16, Giants 13: This could be one dull game with Jacksonville kicking field goals and the Giants kicking themselves. Or more like it, shooting themselves in the foot. Going with the Jags plus a couple.

Vikings 24, Steelers 16: The Vikings may make the preseason part of the regular season, hoping, of course that they don’t run out of steam by midseason. Stodgy Steelers offense is no match for the Vikings’ offense. Vikings minus 4 gets the job done.

Redskins 23, Falcons 12: Michael Vick will be held in check until the Falcons play their home game against Tampa Bay on Friday Aug. 31. Falcons will go with Chris Chandler, Doug Johnson and some Michael Vick. Going with Washington minus the points of about 4 ½.

Chargers 19, Dolphins 18: We see the Dolphins going back to kicking field goals while the Chargers will show off the likes of Drew Brees, Moses Moreno, some Doug Flutie and maybe even Bart Hendricks. Chargers plus the points of about 3½ or 4.

Bills 17, Eagles 13: Low scoring game envisioned here. Bills with Rob Johnson at QB may throw the ball a bit more. However, if he goes down, the Bills will suffer a very shaky quarterback situation with the backups, Brad Van Pelt and Pete Gonzalez. Bills minus a couple is our selection.

Panthers 16, Patriots 10: Don’t expect to see Drew Bledsoe in this affair. The Pats will be resting him and most of the other regulars. But the Panthers will run out Chris Weinke for the most of the game. Carolina coaches feel comfortable with Weinke at quarterback. Lots of luck! Panthers favored by 2 can cover this small spread.

Jets 17, Ravens 10: Ravens not too interested in playing in the Big Apple. Their interest lies in meeting Carolina at home on Thursday, Aug. 23. Go with the Jets in a dead even game before the home crowd.

Saints 20, Cowboys 7: The Dallas crowd looks like a team that plans to lose all the preseason games. And maybe the regular season as well. Saints minus about 7.

Browns 13, Buccaneers 12: Bucs going with field goals while they tune up their defense. Beating Miami on Monday night has taken all their attention. Browns plus the points (about 5) is good.

Colts 23, Lions 13: Lions look like a team that will finish in the NFC Central basement. There’s nothing to like about this team from the quarterback down. Colts minus 5½ should get the bread.

Chiefs 16, Bears 15: We see the Bears playing hard in this encounter and the Chiefs may be looking to protect themselves since they have a game with Jacksonville the following Thursday night. Take the Bears plus the points.

Seahawks 27, Cardinals 13: Seahawks will flex their muscles in front of the home folks, and the Cards are the right opponent to get the job done. The Seahawks will fly high here so lay the five points. It’s easy.

49ers 23, Raiders 19: Just having Jerry Rice on their Raiders’ sideline should motivate the 49ers. Rice didn’t leave his former teammates on the friendliest of terms. Should be a high-scoring game, just as if it were a regular season affair. Niners plus the points gets the job done.