Konami acquires Paradigm

Aug 14, 2001 6:10 AM

Konami Gaming Inc., a subsidiary of Japan’s leading video game producer, announced last week it had acquired Las Vegas-based Paradigm Gaming Systems for $12 million.

In making the announcement, Konami Gaming President Steve Sutherland emphasized that the entire 20-member Paradigm staff would retain their jobs. Also, he said, plans call for additional jobs as the business demanded.

Ko Uchida, chairman and CEO of Konami Gaming said the company’s interest in Paradigm was enhanced by the database systems Paradigm had developed and sold to casinos. He noted that Konami had placed its machines with Las Vegas casinos and that efforts would be made to interest these casinos in Paradigm’s products.

When Tim Britt, company head, first brought Paradigm to Las Vegas he saw the need casinos had for a computer system that could track individual players’ activity on both slot machines and table games.