The prodigal son Jeff Kutash returns to the Strip

Aug 20, 2001 9:17 PM

He’s back! Jeff Kutash, Las Vegas’ own prodigal son, is returning to the Strip.

Kutash opens his new show starring Bob Anderson on Oct. 15 at Bally’s. It’s an afternoon show with evening stature. They will do an evening show on Friday nights when Jubilee is dark.

The show is called “The Main Event” and it’s a big break for the multi-talented Bob Anderson. He deserves the show and will do great.

Everyone got together at Olio’s at the MGM Grand to celebrate ”” Jeff, Bob, marketing Lord Tom Crangle, yours truly and several other hangers-on. Everyone had quite a time reminiscing about Jeff’s early days in town, when he opened Splash at the Riviera, where he often had run-ins with Meshulam Riklis and his then-wife Pia Zadora. There were also tales of Jeff’s darker days that will go unmentioned here!

Also spotted that night was Clint Holmes, who was looking fresh and rested from his vacation in England with his wife and mother.

Coming up this weekend is Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star Theater at the MGM Grand. You can expect to see a lot of guest stars for this, which takes place Saturday and Sunday.

Also at the MGM, Rick Springfield will return to the EFX stage earlier than expected. As you recall, Rick was injured in a fall, but apparently he’s quite resilient, or he heard Donny Osmond was being considered for his role in the big time show!

Romeo, Romeo, where the heck are you, Romeo? Darren Romeo, the illusionary protégé of Siegfried and/or Roy, is supposed to be getting his own showroom some time soon. You night crawlers may not remember when Darren had an afternoon magic act at the Flamingo.

The word behind the scenes is that Lord of the Dance at New York-New York is slated to close in December. A huge Cirque du Soleil production won’t be quite ready, so the Gotham-themed casino will host “Stomp” in the interim. Stay tuned.

From our mended fences file, it was good to see Robert Goulet and his wife Vera in attendance at a 75th birthday celebration for Buddy Greco. Bob was very gracious and to everyone’s delight sang several songs.

Forget about getting tickets to the Madonna concert at the MGM. Unless you want to fork over the $5,000 to $10,000 the scalping swine are asking.

If you don’t have the bread for a mega show like Madonna, there are plenty of entertaining little shows around town.

Just for laughs, check out Second City at the Flamingo. Next door at O’Shea’s is the wild and wacky Hip Hypnotist Justin Tranz who’s doing big business.

There’s tons of laughs downtown (and we’re not talking about the street people stumbling around Fremont Street), especially at the Golden Nugget, whose little upstairs theater hosts the Amazing Jonathon. He’s doing a bang up business for a bang up show. He shares time at the Nugget with David Brenner, who is doing so well he has been held over.

Also downtown, the Lady Luck has a nice little show called Stars of the Strip starring Robbie Howard. A great place to dine while you’re there is the Burgundy Room for fantastic steaks and seafood.