Who wants to win $1 million?
Regis slot pays jackpot instantly!

Aug 21, 2001 4:10 AM

IGT’s newest MegaJackpot game, Regis’ Cash Club, has received approval by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, thus clearing the way for installations to begin immediately.

“Regis’ Cash Club will be available for play in a few locations around the state by Labor Day and more widely available as we move into September,” said Ward Chilton, Sr. Vice President of MegaJackpots.

Featuring the image and voice of Regis Philbin, the progressive game is an instant winner product with a jackpot of no less than $1 million.

“There’s a good bit of excitement out there about this game. In only four days, we’ve received orders for 250 machines in Nevada and a number of other commitments are pending,” Chilton said.

Further approvals for the game are pending in a number of other gaming jurisdictions, including Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey and Native American markets. In Illinois and Indiana, approval is pending as a stand-alone game.

Regis’ Cash Club machines are linked at various casinos within the state and the top progressive award, which will not be less than $1million, will be paid in full upon verification of a valid win. The 5-reel, 9-line, 45-coin nickel game includes spinning reels, a video bonus screen and a digital column called the Column of Cash.

Regis Philbin’s personality is very much a part of the play, with all his charm, wit and personality. And, technically, the game incorporates animation, video, enhanced SuperVision series sound plus IGT designed interactive bonus rounds.

Regis’ Cash Club features two player bonus rounds, the Column of Cash and the Big Check bonus. In the Column of Cash, players try to move up the column’s levels in order to win bonus credits. Initiated by three Column of Cash bonus symbols on any payline, the game presents players with five button choices and four “picks.” Each button allows players to move up an undisclosed number of spaces or gives them other options such as trading choices.

In the Big Check bonus, which is initiated by two or more Big Check symbols on any payline, Regis simply writes out a bonus check payable to the players. Sometimes, though, Regis decides that the original bonus amount is just too low, so, he replaces it with an even higher value.

The MegaJackpot progressive is won when five Regis symbols land on the ninth line with maximum coins bet.