M’s deliver message Yankees didn’t want

Aug 21, 2001 7:09 AM

The Yankees were looking to send the Seattle Mariners a message, however it got gobbled and New York received one instead. A World Series doesn’t look like it’s part of the Yankee future.

Games for week ending Aug. 27:


Los Angeles at Atlanta: This four-game series will go a long way should the Dodgers drop three at Turner Field. The Braves are starting to heat up, while L.A. slumps. The Dodgers have been a poor road team all season. Atlanta wins three behind Maddux, Glavine and Burkett.

San Francisco at New York: The Mets are playing poor baseball, however, the Giants are no ball of fire when they hit the road. Barry Bonds can’t carry this team by himself and pitchers will think twice about pitching to him the closer he gets to the home run record. The Mets win twice behind Steve Trachsel and Bruce Chen.

Arizona at Philadelphia: The Phillies ran into a hot St. Louis club that may hurt their East Division and Wild Card title hopes after a three-game sweep. Philadelphia runs into a determined Diamondbacks club intent on winning the West. The four-game set features Arizona pitching standouts Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. The Phils are seeing their chances disappear by the minute.

Houston at Pittsburgh: The Astros destroyed Pittsburgh in Houston. The same condition exists here. Houston’s young pitching staff goes well with the best hitting team in the NL. The Astros take two behind Roy Oswalt and Dave Mlicki.

St. Louis at Chicago: The question before the house is whether the Cubbies can regroup after the humiliation in Arizona, or has the table been set for a complete swoon. The lack of hitting hurts, but the Cubs regroup versus Cards behind Jason Bere and Julian Tavarez.

Cincinnati at Montreal: Pass.

Colorado at Milwaukee: Not interested.


Minnesota at Kansas City: The Twins can thank lowly Tampa Bay for upsetting their playoff plans. Minnesota, 1-6 against Tampa Bay, will continue its slide at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals will win at least two games with Jeff Suppan and Chad Durbin on the mound for the home side.

Detroit at Oakland: The A’s are one hot commodity ready to go all the way to the World Series. The Tigers don’t have the ammunition to halt Oakland’s ride. It’s green light all the way for Oakland, which wins at least two with Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder on the mound.

Cleveland at Seattle: Indian uprisings don’t exist in Seattle. There is no Gen. Custer. The Mariners will drive the Indians into the ground with Ichiro’s running and the pitching of Freddy Garcia and Jamie Moyer.

New York at Anaheim: The Yankees have trouble with Seattle, Oakland and Anaheim. The Angels are ready to take care of the New Yorkers. We are going against Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens, should he take the mound.

Boston at Texas: Put a fork in the Sox, they are well done. No, burnt to a crisp. All that internal strife and changing managers in a crucial situation doesn’t help the cause. When Pedro Martinez went down, Boston went with him, along with the underwear. Too many injuries hurt the Red Sox the most. We have no selection here, except the games will go ”˜over’ in the totals, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

Chicago at Tampa Bay: Yawn.