Charo to shake up Vegas?

Aug 28, 2001 2:08 AM

As I reported earlier in my column, everyone is looking for a room or a venue. Join the club, entertainers! But right now there’s no room in the inn!

My spies tell me that Charo, the cucchi-cucchi girl from Xavier Cugat days, who now lives in Hawaii and operates a successful restaurant there, is ready to make a return to Las Vegas. Unlike some of the other smaller entertainers, she is an accomplished flamenco guitarist, as well as a rare personality and character. With the right vehicle she can be the next Latin hot tamale. I think we can make room for Charo.

John Davidson makes his return to Las Vegas after a 10-year absence on Sept. 15-16 at the Suncoast. Remember him from “That’s Incredible” and his own TV series? It’s incredible if you can remember them. Davidson was on television so frequently that he is often mistaken for a politician who’s corrupted another intern.

On Sunday, one of the great spectacular events was held at Olio’s at the MGM. The benefit was for the Entertainment Development Corporation. There were stars, stars, stars! But the hit of the evening was Bob Anderson doing Tom Jones and Tom Jones doing Bob Anderson. Why, even Darren Romeo was there doing Darren Romeo.

Also, the Rat Pack was in full regalia, the Scintas were charming as always, and the incomparable Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy co-existed without trying to make each other disappear.

There were many other stars that shone that evening for a wonderful cause. John Tenney, Olio’s owner and operator, a gentleman of the first order, orchestrated this special event that raised a great deal of money for a worthy cause.

On the other side of town, the Soprano party from the HBO series was erupting at the Sky Villas at the Las Vegas Hilton. Among those who made the trip from New York were Las Vegas’ own Steve Schirippa (Bobby Bacala), James Gandolfini, and many others from the award-winning cast.

At the Stratosphere, there was a VIP press party for a new buffet and the American Superstars. There we were with the usual suspects ”” the hanging-on media types ”” feasting as if it were our last meal, and then shamelessly filing in for a previewing of the great show, American Superstars. The highlight of the show was a new act, Naomi Rodriguez as Christine Aguillera.

One of the most memorable moments of the evening, however, was when local columnists Penny Levin was escorted in by steroids-enhanced studs from Thunder From Down Under. It was a scene that Mae West would have loved!

At New York-New York, the former Hamilton’s cigar lounge will soon be Coyote Ugly, a bar based on the film from the same name. The female run venture will debut in the fall. Over at Vegas’ Big Apple, Felix Rappaport, the president and most accessible head of all properties, informed me of the Coyote Ugly plan.

NY-NY is spreading the news with food at The ESPN Zone, a huge success, and also their other successful restaurant, Gallagher’s, that great steak place.

Sheena Easton is winding down at the Hilton, so if you haven’t caught her wonderful act yet, now is the time to make sure that you get over there to experience it.

The wonderful illusions of Rick Thomas will have a fourth anniversary celebration at a press party at the Tropicana on Thursday. Rick Thomas has created a must-see, family oriented afternoon show. He has a wonderful approach that involves audience participation with the children that have come to see the show. He truly knows how to make youngsters happy.

Wonders will never cease to amaze me ”” Steve Rossi (you know, from Marty Allen and Steve Rossi) will be opening for Bobby Rydell and then the next week for Frankie Avalon sometime in October at the Suncoast. Stay tuned!

Breck Wall’s Bottoms Up at the Flamingo, is coming up on a big anniversary party. Is it 5,000 performances, 10,000 performances or is it 20,000 performances? Or is it 20,000 one-liners, 10,000 G-strings or 5,000 ex-stage managers? In any case, let’s celebrate!