‘Krazy Keno’ comes to Imperial Palace

Aug 28, 2001 2:44 AM

The Imperial Palace has stepped up its keno promotions. You can play for as low as 40 cents per game for 10 consecutive games with a chance to win $17,500 for a perfect pick. There’s also a $35,000 jackpot for hitting 10-for-10 on an 80-cent ticket. Speaking of multi-game deals, you get a free game when you play 21 straight keno games. Through the end of the year, you get 22 straight games for the price of 21. Players have 365 days to collect, while multi-race games of 10-20 require cashing within 24 hours.

The keno lounge is also giving away free T-shirts to players who bet 50 or more straight games with a minimum $50 ticket.

The IP keno lounge is located on the third floor above the casino.